Hearthstone - The Tangled House event, patch and a free pack of golden cards


Hearthstone players can expect the Confusion House event between June 11th and July 3rd. Everything is a little different in the tavern, such as other daily quests.

Hearthstone - Confused Inn

Time tinkerer Toki unfortunately screwed up some crap during construction work on the Hearthstone Inn and used the wrong crystals. This leads to Episode of the Confused House where the new quests give us both gold and arcane dust. In addition, 28 new mysterious cards appear in the arena.

On the occasion of this event, Blizzard is offering a new quick starter package. This contains 10 card packs. 2 packages each from the last extensions The Witches' Forest, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knight of the Frozen Throne and Journey to Un'Goro.

This should lay the foundation for a successful card collection. This package can be purchased multiple times and is only available until June 19th.

There is also a present from the Hearthstone team, whoever logs in on June 13 will receive a free classic card package. The special thing about it is it is a completely gold package and only contains golden cards.

Hearthstone Gold Package

Hearthstone - game mechanics changes

With the next update 11.2 on June 5, there will also be adjustments to some game mechanics. About the changes to the arena map selection groups we have already reported.

The following changes also come:

  • We continued to work on the times when in-game events are calculated, making the interactions between cards more intuitive. You can find more information about this in this Blog.
  • Triggers for summoning and playing minions now use the stats of cards while they are in your hand before being affected by board modifiers and battle cry effects.
    • Example: If you target a minion with 5 attack with Faceless Manipulator, it no longer counts as progress for giants of the jungle. Faceless manipulator has the values 3/3 for this calculation. 
  • The “every time ...” and “after ...” triggers when summoning are now calculated for minions entering the battlefield without being played out of hand after modifiers have been applied to the game board.
    • Example: If Azure Dragon is called onto the battlefield next to Terrorwolf Alpha, it no longer counts as progress for giants of the jungle.
  • For minions with “Choose…” who transform, the transform effects will now be applied before they enter play.
    • Example: If you choose Lizard Walker with the values 5/3, it is now considered a servant with 5 attack and counts as progress for giants of the jungle.
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