Hearthstone - The new Magnetic ability explained

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With the new Hearthstone Extension Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory also come new servant properties such as Magnetic. Stephen Chang, Game Designer at Hearthstone, explains the new mechanics in a short video.


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In keeping with the theme of the expansion, mechanical servants are back on the rise. Many of the new 'Mechs come with the keyword Magnetic therefore. These can either be played as a normal servant or merged with a mech that is already on the board.

The positioning is crucial when playing: you place the magnetic mech when playing Left from your mech on the board, then the two merge. All values are combined, including special skills such as deprivation of life, ridicule, etc.

If, on the other hand, you play the mech to the right of your existing servants, then nothing happens or the mech is played as a normal servant without merging.

Hearthstone image of the new 'Mech Zilliax
Source: Blizzard

This is demonstrated very nicely in the video and at the latest when Zilliax steps onto the field, most 'Mechs turn into a nightmare.

Hearthstone pre-sale

The Heartstone Extension Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory comes out on August 7th and brings 135 new cards. This time, two packages are available in advance sales at reduced prices. once 50 card packages for € 49.99 including the exclusive card back and a random golden legendary card. As well as the second package for € 79.99 with the one 80 card packs, the card back and the legendary card are included and also the new sorcerer hero: MECHA-JARAXXUS!

As usual, these packages can only be purchased once per account, but you can buy both packages and get 130 card packs directly. However, this can only be done on August 7th with the publication of Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory will be opened. The sorcerer hero and the card back are directly available.

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