Hearthstone - The new expansion The Witchwood - The Witchwood

Hearthstone - The Witch Forest

Sometimes you want that Hearthstone Sending developers (jokingly) to the desert. In the trailer for the latest Hearthstone expansion The Witches' Forest (The Witchwood), Blizzard sends 3 developers to the witch forest. The 3 not only stumble upon creepy characters, but also over several of the new cards.

Hearthstone - The Witch Forest The backstory

The area around, known from World of Warcraft, serves as the background Gilneas and the witch forest. Accordingly, many cards also revolve around worgen.

“Once there was a treacherous peace between the city of Gilneas and the ancient forest that loomed beyond the city walls. The inhabitants of the city lived and hunted in the shade of the threatening giant trees, but the Gilneans are no ordinary people and so they traveled the forest without fear.

That was before some dark force began to poison the heart of the forest ... Before the curse of the witch forest!

Now a lightless haze veils the winding paths and gnarled branches reach hungrily for unsuspecting hikers. Horrified travelers tell of misshapen shadows wafting through the eerie fog. At witching hour, ghostly figures were spotted roaming through the narrow streets and fog-shrouded, cobbled streets of the city itself.

Daring travelers who venture beyond the city walls after nightfall disappear into the wilderness and never return. The witch forest is not a safe place for anyone! "

The witch forest - new game mechanics

In the video, several of the new mechanics that we can look forward to in the 135 new cards are revealed to us:

Hearthstone - Genn Greymane

Genn Greymane, is kind of neutral Raza the Shackled and reduces the cost of your hero ability to 1 mana. But just like the spiritual father, there is one important condition for this: your deck can only contain cards straight Costs included.

Hearthstone - Baku the moon slinger

Improved as a counterpart Baku the moon swallower, your hero ability when your deck only contains cards with odd costs.

Echo: Cards with an echo can, provided there is enough mana, be played several times in a round. As an example there was the Ghost militiawhich can be played twice with 6 mana and 3 times with 9 mana in one round.

Hearthstone - ghost militia

Animal instincts - The worgen

These cards change every turn in your hand. So the 2/4 pumpkin farmer in his worgen form becomes a 4/2 servant.

Zeal / rush:

This ability allows your minions to attack enemy minions the turn they are played. So a kind of rush, only without the option to attack the opposing hero. This allows the developers to design these servants much stronger.

Hearthstone - Militia Commander

Monster hunts

After the success of the Treasure hunts in goblins & catacombs, there will be a similar new game mode in Hearthstone - The Witch Forest: The Monster hunting.
There the players also fight against several bosses and gradually improve their deck with found cards in order to be prepared for the further dangers.

On March 26th it will be part of a Live streams on Twitch give the unveiling of the new cards. On the same day, members of the community, the press and well-known streamers will also start presenting cards from the expansion.

Hearthstone - Azalina Soul Thief

As always, there is a special one with this Hearthstone expansion Pre-order package with an exclusive card back. This time the package contains 50 card packages + 20 bonus packages and costs € 49.99.

There is also a gift for those who do not pre-order. If you log in to Hearthstone after the release, you will receive 3 free card packs and a legendary card from the expansion.

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