Hearthstone - Update 12.0 Patch Notes

Hearthstone cover picture with Dr Bumm

Even if it's up to the release of Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory takes a few days, the Hearthstone Patch 12.0 has already been applied today.

Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory

For release on August 7th, Blizzard is giving away 3 expansion card packs for a limited time, plus a random Legendary Class Servant or Hero card.

All you have to do is log into Hearthstone after the expansion has appeared and collect your gifts.

Here are the novelties:

  • New legendary spells for all nine classes.
  • New keyword: Magnetic. Combine mechs to make them more powerful!
  • Omega cards that are AMAZINGLY powerful at 10 mana.
  • The Riddle Lab, the free single player mode from Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory, opens on August 21st.
    • Over 100 tricky puzzles in the categories of death zone, tabula rasa, mirror image and survival await you.

The remaining changes are already active, including arena adjustments and the shadow boxer, you can find them below:

Hearthstone / Patch 12.0

Arena updates

  • The probability rate of class cards, including spells and weapons, has been reduced.
  • The frequency of rare cards has been adjusted.
  • This will result in arena decks containing more neutral and common cards.

You can find more details in our blog post Developer insights.

Game mechanics updates

Copied cards

Maps that make copies of other maps that are then added to other play areas have been made more uniform.


Every time a card is transformed, it loses its enchantments.

  • This change mainly affects the following 4 cards: Shapeshifter Zerus, Molten Blade, Convertible Scroll and Voodoo doll. If the target of a voodoo doll is transformed or silenced, it is no longer destroyed by the death rattle of the voodoo doll.

You can find more details in our blog post Developer insights.

Map changes

Hearthstone - shadow boxer
Source: Blizzard
  • Shadow Boxer's text now reads: Inflicts 1 damage to a random enemy every time a minion is healed.
    • Shadow Boxer can be disenchanted for the full amount of Arcane Dust for two weeks.
  • The servant type of the following servants has been changed:
    • Ghost Warhorse - No longer considered a wild animal.
    • Mushroom Lord Ixlid - No longer considered an elemental.
  • The text of Living Mana now reads: Turn your mana crystals into treants (2/2) with "Death rattle: Obtain an empty mana crystal."

Frozen Throne Festival

A frosty new festival is just around the corner!

  • New quests with huge rewards
  • A free golden card
  • A new map chaos to celebrate the death knight

Fixed bugs and gameplay improvements

  • A new "Back to Fireside Gathering" tooltip has been added for Fireside Gatherings.
  • The Mac client now uses metal for graphics whenever possible.
  • New daily quests for playing Mechs have been added.
  • "Created by ..." notices are no longer generated from the last state a card was in before it was destroyed.
  • The Death Ax Punisher animation will no longer play if there is no valid target in hand.
  • Fixed effects and animation bugs affecting Valeera the Bleach, Tess Greymane, and Horror Lobster.
  • Zombiest cards now have gems that indicate their rarity and are now visually different from collectable cards.
  • Cards no longer have a yellow activation aura if they cannot interact with the target.
  • Card back border effects are now properly displayed when the cards are played by the opposing player.
  • Chameleos now transforms even if the opponent only has one card in hand, and loses buff effects in the process.
  • Chameleos now also copies buff effects or reduced costs.
  • When shapeshifter Zerus transforms into a worgen card, the next card he transforms into no longer retains those stats.
  • Faceless Manipulator will now properly contribute to the quest progression of Descent into the Deep.
  • Gnome Experimenter's transformation animation no longer sometimes plays twice.
  • Summoning Portal will now properly adjust cards that have had their mana cost changed after being played.

Monster hunting

  • Broken Skull no longer loses Blood Red Apple's Life Symbol.
  • Copies of minions that have been ambushed will now properly receive Onslaught.
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