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Hearthstone Frozen Throne Guides

Since the last one appeared Hearthstone Extension "Knight of the Terry Throne“A few weeks have now passed and a new meta has developed. The hunters have come out of the forest again and not only dare to play the rated matches, but can now be met at every corner.

To add a little variety to your Hearthstone life, we have selected 3 decks that are doing pretty well at the moment and are not hunters:

Hearthstone - Control Warlock

A variant of the demon control warlock. Here, too, an army of demons with blood reaper Gul'dan is revived. In addition, there are a number of annihilation cards such as Herald of Doom, Whirling Nether, Desecration or Soul Withdrawal. The "Creeping Spook" takes care of the remaining Jade Druids and deprives priests of some of their card drawing opportunities. Remember to use only your 2 "worldly fears" beforehand.

Hearthstone Witcher Guide - Blood Reaver Gul'dan

With this selection you have the appropriate means to keep the servants of your opponent low and until you play Gul'dan to survive.

Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:


Elemental shaman

This deck has a number of good mockery creatures that will save you from enemy hunters. Especially the combination of "Spirit of the Ancestors" and "Earth Elemental" or one of your other mocking servants causes gnashing of teeth in most aggro decks. If you are missing some Legendary Cards like Blood Mage Thalnos, you can replace them with a Tainted Zealot for the bonus spell damage.

Deck list:


Handbuff paladin Hearthstone Guide - Prince Keleseth

Prince Keleseth was one of the surprise cards in the expansion. Initially dismissed as useless, it now appears regularly in various deck ideas. Also in this handbuff deck, it is ideal to reinforce your servants. A little slower than the previous decks, you first invest 2-3 rounds to improve the servants in your hand and then play a number of overly powerful servants.

If you are missing some expensive cards like the "Corrupt Sheriff", you can replace him with "Firebug" or a 2nd South Sea captain. If priests in particular cause problems for you, the “spirit breaker” of hero skills can be a good alternative.

Deck list:

AAECAZ8FCKgF + gaRvAK8vQL3vwK5wQKIxwKc4gILgwXlB9muArO7ApW8AoG9Avm / ApvLAuPLAqbOApboAgA =

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