Hearthstone World Championship Final kicks off Jan.


The year of mammoth is slowly coming to an end and the final of the Hearthstone Championship (HCT) 2017 awaits us as a brilliant finale. The 16 best players in the world will meet each other in Amsterdam and finally clarify who the champion is.

Win from home

The players can not only cheer on their favorites at home, but also participate in the eventual success. Whoever is on the Blizzard Homepage its champion chooses, receives Hearthstone card packs according to its performance.

“For your participation you will already receive a Kobold & Catacomb card pack. Every time your champion wins a best-of-five match, you will receive another pack of cards. If your chosen champion makes it to the final, you can get up to six packs of cards received (including the card pack for participation). You will receive all card packs in the game one week after the World Championship. Voting ends on January 17, 2018 at 8:59 a.m. CET. "


The championship will begin with a doubles group stage followed by an easy elimination round. The 2 top players in each group go into the KO round.

Here you can see the groups and the first encounters:

Hearthstone HTC Groups

The spectacle will take place next week from Thursday, January 18th to the final on Sunday (January 21st).

  • January 18, 8:30 a.m. CET - group stage
  • January 19, 8:30 a.m.CET - group stage
  • January 20, 8:30 a.m. CET - elimination phase
  • January 21, 4:00 p.m. CET - knockout round

Even if for most of the fame the World Championship to win would be enough, there is also a hefty prize money of $ 1 million. This is divided as follows:

placementPrize money (USD)
1st place$ 250,000
2nd place$ 150,000
3rd and 4th place$ 100,000
5th-8th space$ 50,000
9-16 space$ 25,000
All in all1,000,000 USD


Since not everyone has the time to take a 4-day holiday in Amsterdam to cheer on, the entire tournament will of course be broadcast live:


In addition to the official English stream, there is also the German restream with comments from C4mlann this year:



The decks of all players are already submitted and Blizzard has an extensive overview of this on their blog posted.

Then all you have to do is choose your Hearthstone Champion, switch it on and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!

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