Heroes of the Storm - Deckard Cain becomes the next hero in the Nexus

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Heroes of the Storm

"Stay a while and listen ..." Which Diablo player has not heard these words a hundred times and feels a pleasant, nostalgic shudder. Soon will be too Heroes of the Storm Players can enjoy the wise Deckard Cains. Because Cain is after his departure in Diablo 3, the newest hero to fight in the Nexus.

As a supporter hero, he ensures the well-being of his team and provides healing potentials. His heroic ability "Stay a while and Listen" tells the opponents such an exciting, suspenseful story that they ... well ... fall asleep. As always, Blizzard brings in a good dose of humor.

Heroes of the Storm - Deckard Cain: Healer with crowd control

Since Deckard is no longer the youngest, he better stays close to his team. His passive Willpower of believers gives him additional armor and makes his basic skills wear off faster as long as he is within range of a teammate.

The first basic skill Q is Healing potion: Deckard can either throw these directly at his team or place them on the ground, where his teammates can collect them if necessary. He can have up to 5 healing potions active at the same time. With the appropriate talents, these healing potions refill themselves or provide more healing.

His W. Ability is Horadric cube (and he doesn't even have to fetch it from the desert himself): Cain throws the dice, which then explodes and slows down opponents.

As a third basic skill he has E - Scroll of Sealing. In a triangular area, this spell briefly immobilizes the enemy.

Heroes of the Storm - Scroll of Sealing

R - STAY A WHILE AND LISTEN - Stay a while and listen: The first heroic ability stuns the opponent in an arc-shaped area in front of him, because Deckard puts you in a deep sleep with a "gripping" story.

Heroes of the Storm - Stay a While and ListenHeroesR - Blown away by knowledget: The second heroic ability conjures up a Book Tornado from Cain's extensive library, which knocks away enemies when touched. So the ideal means to keep them away from important points.

Deckard Cain will be for Blizzards in April Heroes of the Storm released. You can find the spotlight video with German subtitles at the beginning of the article.

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