Heroes of the Storm - Hanzo and Alexstrasza enter the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm

2 new heroes were announced at BlizzCon 2017 for Heroes of the Storm announced. Hanzo from Overwatch and Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft join the rest of the heroes in the Nexus.

The two also play the main role in the movie-ready trailer and almost hit each other's heads:


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The life binder - A ranged combat supporter who can take a lot and transform into a mighty dragon. The skills and details can be found on Blizzard's Alexstrasza Topic Page.


A skilled assassin who can do tremendous damage from a distance. The Nexus offers him a wide range of options for training and becoming an increasingly perfect opponent. Details about the new champion and his skills are on Blizzard's Hanzo Page.

Other plans for Heroes of the Storm:

  • New emojis, sprays and portraits
  • Event: Dragons of the Nexus
    • Log in between November 14th and 12.12. at Heroes of the Storm to get the portrait: stained glass by Alexstrasza and Hanzo.
  • QUEST: Dragons of the Nexus with more rewards
  • Improved New Camera perspective
  • The Stealth mode is being revised:
    • Camouflaged heroes are much easier to spot
    • Fortresses and forts reveal camouflaged heroes.
    • To compensate for these stealth mode changes, Blizzard is upgrading Samuro, Nova, Valeera, and Zeratul.
  • Changes to the early game:
    • Ammo is removed to encourage a more aggressive play style and player initiative in taking paths.
    • The stand-alone towers have been removed and forts are given True Vision.
  • Adjustments to the mercenary To store
    • The stand-alone towers have been removed and forts are given True Vision.
    • Battle Hellions - Battle Hellions weaken armor when they attack a hero
    • Knight Camp - The wizard mercenary in knight camps now creates an aura that increases the armor of units within the area of effect.
    • All other mercenaries - Balance improvements are being made to keep mercenaries feeling meaningful.
  • New feature Voice chat: Blizzard Voice will be implemented to better coordinate the teams
  • Improved player assignments: Not only the win / loss ratio will decide, but also the individual performance. The team composition and the opposing team should thus better match the skills of the players.

A Blizzard topic page already exists to that Heroes of the Storm Update "Dragons of the Nexus".

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