Heroes of the Storm - Snow chaos before Christmas

Heroes of the Storm

Snow and ice have now finally arrived in the Nexus and provide extra fun in the hero chaos of the week in Heroes of the Storm.

In such a situation, of course, the heroes have no choice but to have a proper one Snowball fight to start and bury enemy (or friend) under an avalanche.

You can achieve this with 2 types of snowballs, the "fluffy snowballs" fly in a straight line and knock enemy heroes back when hit and do a lot of damage. The "heavy snowballs" create a real snow explosion that also hits and damages servants. Since things don't go well on snow, the movement speed is reduced by 60% for 2 seconds after a hit.

As a reward for 3 matches of snowball fights you will be given a Loot chest.

You can find the complete game explanation of Blizzard below:

Heroes of the Storm - Snowball Fight


  • snowballs
    • Choose one of three randomly selected heroes and then it's off to the cursed valley. But don't take too much time: you only have 30 seconds to choose!
    • Two types of snowballs appear on the ground during the game.
      • Fluffy snowball
        • A fast snowball that hits a single enemy hero in a straight line, ignoring servants and buildings.
        • Knocks back targets, dealing significant damage.
      • Heavy snowball
        • A snow explosion that deals area damage and additional damage to non-heroic targets.
        • Slows all targets hit by 60 %. The slowing effect wears off over 2 seconds.
      • The ability "Throw Snowball" appears next to your ability bar when you hold a snowball (default hotkey: F).
      • Heroes can run over snowballs to pick them up and they can only hold one snowball at a time.
  • tribute
    • When the first tribute phase starts, two tributes will appear together - five seconds apart.
    • If a player takes a tribute, a new one will appear somewhere else 5 seconds later. That is, basically there are always two tributes alive.
    • This continues until one of the teams is cursed.
    • Tributes will not appear during a curse or in the 60 seconds after a curse.
    • During the event, enough tributes will never spawn to curse both teams at the same time.
  • Destroy the opposing team's citadel to win the game!
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