Heroes of the Storm - Loot Chests and Value Pack changes

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Heroes of the Storm

It did very quickly Heroes of the Storm Team at Blizzard listened to fan feedback. Shortly after the start of the Nexomania! Events, the loot boxes and their contents are adapted.

Heroes of the Storm - Loot Crate Customization

In the special loot boxes, players can not only find items from the current event, but also from past events such as summer, sun, bathing fun. Initially, the chance of items from the old and the new event was the same and many fans wanted a stronger focus on Nexomania. Accordingly, Blizzard is now changing the odds:

  • As of today, the chance is significantly increased that you will receive items from the Nexomania instead of summer, sun, bathing fun from Nexomania loot chests.
  • If you do before the May 24th at 4:01 am CEST If you bought Nexomania loot chests with jewels, you will receive new Nexomania loot chests according to the number of loot chests you originally bought.
    • With these new chests, the frequency of the event items they contain has been adjusted as mentioned above. They will be given out within the next few days.
    • Please note that unlocked Nexomania loot chests through progress or Hero Chaos variants will not be replaced.

The Heroes of the Storm team will continue to take the feedback to heart in the future and will make sure that the probability of new items is higher for future events.

Furthermore, new hero skins from event savings packages should also be available in smaller, separate packages:

Value packages and skins from events

Events like the Nexomania bring a variety of new hero skins and other cosmetic items into play. We have a lot of fun designing and releasing new skins. However, we've also received feedback from players who would like more ways to add these to their collections. That's why we're going to give players more opportunities to get special skins outside of Event Bundles in future events:

  • In the future, new hero skins that are included in larger event savings packs will also be available in separate skin packs.
    • Each pack can be purchased for gems and will contain all currently available versions of that skin.

That's not to say that big event austerity packages will be scrapped. These should also be available again in the future. We just want to give players more opportunities to acquire new event items.

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