Heroes of the Storm - MechaStorm Video and Patch

Heroes of the Storm

If Blizzard Asks fans about the reasons for the success of the Blizzard games, it almost always comes in the top 3: "Great films and epic cutscenes !!". There is little to disagree with and the latest trailer for the Mecha Skins for Heroes of the Storm is further evidence of this.

Heroes of the Storm - Why not as a film?

In the first few seconds of the Heroes Mecha Storm Videos make you wonder if Blizzard has started their own anime series. Mecha Tyrael and Rehgar fight Xenotech Abathur in the best Transformer / Gundam style.

The new Heroes of the Storm Skins also show their best side in the game, Tyrael and Rehgar even got a new recall animation. In total, Blizzard brings 10 new skins with the update.


  • Xenotech Abathur
  • Radioactive Xenotech Abathur
  • Titanium White Xenotech Abathur


  • Haka


  • Mecha Rehgar
  • Pimped up Mecha Rehgar
  • Deadly Mecha Rehgar


  • Mecha-Tyrael
  • Deathbringer Mecha-Tyrael
  • Executor Mecha-Tyrael

You can make these skins with shards or find them in loot chests. 2 savings packages that can be purchased for jewels are also available through January 29th.

In keeping with the new skin, this patch also made a lot of changes to Tyrael, you can find them below:

Heroes of the Storm - Patch 17.01.



  • Tyrael is now turning towards his target after his automatic attack. This is a purely visual change and has no direct impact on gameplay.
  • The passive magic armor has been removed.


  • The base life value has been increased from 2,296 to 2,468.
  • Health regeneration increased from 4.78 to 5.14 per second.


  • El'druin's Power (Q)
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 to 45
  • Righteousness (W)
    • Mana cost reduced from 60 to 50
    • The ally shield value has been changed from a steady value to 40 % of the Tyrael shield value.
      • The value of the shields remains the same, but the new interactions of talents are easier to understand.
  • Cut down (E)
    • Can now be used while moving.
    • Damage increased from 144 to 150


  • step 1
    • Rescue (W)
      • Moved from level 16.
      • New functionality:
        • Increases the value of the shield conferred by Righteousness for Tyrael by 25 %. When the shield is destroyed, Tyrael is healed for 125 life.
    • (New) Equal rights for all (W)
      • Increases the value of the Shield of Righteousness for allies to 100 % of the shield value for Tyrael.
    • (New) Fervor (Passive)
      • When he deals damage to an enemy hero, Tyrael gains 2.5 life per second for 5 seconds. Stackable up to 10 times.
    • Gift of heaven (property)
      • Away
    • Even in death (trait)
      • Away
    • Regeneration Master (Passive)
      • Away
  • Level 4
    • (New) Unshakable (Q)
      • As long as El'druin's power is active and 3 seconds after teleportation, Tyrael receives 25 armor.
    • (New) Bound by law (Q)
      • Increases the snare rate of El'druin's Might from 25 to 35 %. Tyrael's automatic attacks increase the duration of the slow by 1 second, up to a maximum of 4 seconds.
    • (New) Heavenly Power (Passive)
      • When he deals damage to an enemy with Slay, Tyrael's Basic Attacks heal him for 50 % of their damage for 4 seconds.
    • Strengthening Strikes (Passive)
      • Away
  • Level 7
    • Drive away evil (E)
      • Moved from level 1.
      • New functionality:
        • Increases Tyrael's Basic Attack damage by 30 % for each enemy Hero hit by Slay for 4 seconds.
    • Swift Retaliation (E)
      • Movement speed bonus increased from 10 to 20 %.
      • The duration of the movement speed bonus from knock down will no longer increase.
      • Moved from level 4.
      • Extended functionality:
        • The effect for allies by knocking down now also increases attack speed by 25 %.
    • Angelic Grace (Q)
      • Away
    • Tirelessness (W)
      • Away
    • Bring it to an end (passive)
      • Away
  • Level 13
    • Sword of Justice (Q)
      • Moved from level 16.
      • Has been renamed from "Blade of Justice".
      • New functionality:
        • Can teleport twice using El'druin's power, returning Tyrael to his starting point.
    • Holy Ground (Q)
      • Moved from level 16.
      • Duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
    • (New) Law and Order (W)
      • Decreases the cooldown of Righteousness for each enemy Hero hit by Slay by 1 second. Righteousness increases the damage of your next use of Slay by 25 % for each affected ally.
    • Burning Wrath (Passive)
      • Away
    • Heavenly Absorption (W)
      • Away
    • Heavenly Power (E)
      • Away
  • Level 16
    • (New) Flames (Q)
      • El'druin and Tyrael deal 15 damage per second to nearby enemies. This damage is increased by 100 % for 3 seconds to Tyrael after teleporting to El'druin.
    • Horadric Forge (Q)
      • Moved from level 4.
      • New functionality:
        • Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of El'druin's Might by 1.5 seconds.
    • (New) Shatter the wicked (E)
      • While El'druin is active and 3 seconds after teleporting to El'druin, the cooldown of Kill 100 % recharges faster.
    • Blood for blood (active)
      • Away
  • Level 20
    • (New) Angel Defense (Active)
      • Activate to reduce all damage taken by 40 % for 5 sec. Each time Tyrael or an ally protected by Righteousness take damage, the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. 120 sec cooldown.
    • (New) El'druin's Seal (Passive)
      • Each time Tyrael uses a base ability, his attack speed is increased by 50 % for 3 seconds.
    • Neutralizer shield (active)
      • Away
    • Nexus Blades (Passive)
      • Away

Heroes of the Storm Bug Fixes

Heroes, Skills, and Talents

  • Blaze: Fixed a bug that allowed players to use Fire Beam even though they were dead if they entered a bunker while dying.
  • Blaze: Fixed a bug that allowed heroes to be permanently stasis if killed at the same moment they entered a bunker.
  • Hanzo & Leoric: Fixed a bug that caused towers to appear when Leoric was hit directly by Sonar Dart.
  • Malfurion & Kleiner: Fixed a bug that could cause Heroes to become unplayable if Nature Healing was used while being affected by Lesser Gobblers.
  • Malfurion & Zagara: Healing of Nature can no longer relieve Heroes of Devouring Maw effects.
  • Uther: The Where to Go talent no longer affects non-heroic units.
  • Valeera: The Choke talent no longer affects non-heroic units.


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