Heroes of the Storm - New Champion Fenix, Hero of the Protoss

Heroes of the Storm

Fenix is one of the veterans from the Starcraft Universe after Heroes of the Storm. As one of the greatest heroes of the Protos, he was revered by his people and is one of the iconic figures that Blizzard created.

Also his death in the battle of Aiur couldn't stop him and as a reborn Dragoons he fought on. This strength and stamina will also help him win the fight for his team in the Nexus.

Fenix in Heroes of the Storm

Fenix is classified as an assassin, but his passive: Shield compensator gives him a regenerative 800 point shield.

Here are his remaining skills:

Q - plasma cutter:

Sends a plasma beam to the target point, which circles Fenix twice. The beam deals 150 damage to enemies and Slows them by 25% for 4 seconds.

W - weapon modes

There are 2 skills in 1:

Activate to switch between weapon mode: repeating cannon and weapon mode: phase bomb. Weapon Mode: Repeater Cannon: Increases attack speed by 150%. Weapon Mode: Phase Bomb: Auto Attacks have 1.5 increased range, deal 25% more damage, and inflict area damage to nearby enemies.

E - warping

Warps Fenix to the target location, he disappears after 0.5 seconds and appears 0.75 seconds later at the target location.

Fenix heroic skills:

R - disruptor volley

Channels a targeting laser in front of Fenix for 1.5 seconds, marking enemy heroes. After channeling, he fires 5 missiles at each of the marked heroes. Each missile deals 86 damage. Deals 50% more damage to slowed targets.

R - planet breaker

Does its name live up to:

After 0.5 seconds, channels a powerful laser beam over the entire battlefield for 4 seconds, inflicting 105 damage every 0.25 seconds on enemies hit (except buildings).

The Spotlight As always, you can find the video of the Heroes of the Storm channel about Fenix at the beginning of the article.

En Taro Fenix!

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