Heroes of the Storm - New Champion Maiev Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm

If it's next in the Warcraft universe Arthas Another iconic figure is this Illidan the traitor, whose name is inseparable from his jailer Maiev shadow song connected. Maiev is considered the newest hero in Heroes of the Storm occur.

Heroes of the Storm - Maiev

As a melee assassin, she will find enough villains in the Nexus to judge in the name of justice. Maievs Passive helps: Vault / reflexes evade enemy abilities. A quick jump in the air during which she is invulnerable and hopefully she has escaped the enemies.

Your first skill Q: Fan of Knives / dagger fans should look familiar to rogue players. Maiev throws several daggers at her opponent and if they hit at least two, the cooldown of Dagger Fan is greatly reduced.

W: Umbral Bind / Umbral Shackles binds their opponents to Maiev and at the same time causes AE damage, if the opponents try to escape, they are pulled back by the shackles.

E: Spirit of Vengeance / Vengeance: Reminds a little of Sylvanas Haunting Wave. Only that Maiev sends her shadow to a target point and it returns after a short time. Enemies crossed by the shadow take damage. Maiev can reactivate the ability while the shadows are on the move and teleport to its location.

Heroes of the Storm Maiev's heroic skills:

R - Containment Disc / Portable Prison: True to her job as a jailer, she throws her glaive at an opponent and can then lock him up in a prison for a short time. The targeted interruption of opposing skills can make the difference between victory and defeat.

R - Warden's Cage / Dungeon of the Guardian:  Here a ring of guards appears and locks the enemy in. Enemies who try to flee will be repelled by the guards. However, these disappear and so a gap opens up for escape.

So two skills that keep the opposing team in one place so that Maiev's teammates can destroy them with AE effects.

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