Heroes of the Storm - New guide from the pros

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm Team has put together a guide for a successful start to the game in cooperation with several professional players.

Heroes of the Storm - Strategy Guide

In the guide, among other things, the 4: 1 strategy that you may already know from tournaments or esports matches. The team is divided into a group of 4 and a single player. Depending on the map, the team of four then covers the middle and upper lanes as well as the area in between. The individual, hopefully the strongest possible hero, has to keep the lower lane during this time. It is important that he does not "go under" and that the advantages that his team gains are greater than the advantages that the individual hero gives up because he has to survive against several opponents.

Everything in the middle?

A variant that you often see is the entire team appearing in the middle lane. Simon "schwimpi" Svensson says: “I have no idea why five people run into the middle. I hate that."

"I think it all started back when many teams used to put three heroes in the middle when they didn't know where the opposing team would appear."

So the 5 in the middle developed as a counterattack, until you realized where the opposing team is concentrating and you can react.

Don't run into the bush!

A popular tactic also known as "Chinese bush meta" referred to as. Is waiting for 4-5 players in a bush, who then wait for an unsuspecting opponent to walk into them alone and be destroyed in seconds.

This term was used by Daniel "Artosis“Stemkoski used for the first time at the 2016 Spring Championship.

League of Legends players know it under the expression "Death Bush", for example, because everyone who runs into it is as good as dead.

A video of how the Chinese team EDG implemented the tactic is also provided:


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You can find the detailed guide on the Heroes of the Storm homepage.

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