Heroes of the Storm - New patch with Maiev and Mondfest

Heroes of the Storm

Today's Heroes of the Storm Patch brings the new heroine Maiev and that Moon Festival 2018, with which there are various items up to a mount to win.

Heroes of the Storm - Maiev

The dungeon guard of Illidan is the newest hero to appear in the Nexus:

“Maiev Schattensang guarded the imprisoned traitor for ten thousand years and persecuted him mercilessly after his liberation. Some call them resolute. Others call them obsessed. Either way, nothing will stop them from fighting for the security of their world. "

You can find more details about their abilities in our article on Maiev, including the Blizzard Spotlight video.

The Heroes of the Storm Moon Festival

Between February 7th and March 5th there are 4 levels / quests that you can complete for cool rewards. Finally, a rocket waves as a mount.

Quests and rewards

  • Part 1 - Play 2 games
    • Reward: Spray: cute moon festival rocket
  • Part 2 - Play 5 games
    • Reward: Moon Festival war banner
  • Part 3 - Play 8 games
    • Reward: Portrait: Sweet Guardian of the Moon Festival
  • Part 4 - Win 10 games
    • Reward: Mount: Moon Festival Rocket

The voice chat that was activated on the test server is switched off for the standard server for the time being. The voice chat function for teams and groups still needs a bit of fine-tuning until it is ready on the live servers.

The window with the Target information was adjusted again compared to the test server:

Destination information window

  • We introduced target information windows that allow players to see a unit's gameplay stats in real time.
    • The target information window will appear in the upper left corner of the screen after left-clicking an allied or enemy target.
      • The destination information window can be moved by clicking the mouse and dragging it to the desired location.
        • With a double click it returns to its standard position.
    • The following information is displayed in the destination information window:
      • Health points & health regeneration
      • Mana & mana regeneration
      • Automatic Attack Damage
      • Attacks per second
      • Attack range
      • Ability Power Modifiers
      • Speed of movement
      • Physical and magic armor

There were also various adjustments to heroes, skills and talents, the complete list of which would go beyond the scope. The detailed listing is on Blizzards Heroes of the Storm Page for the patch to find.

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