Heroes of the Storm - Patch and Blaze for the live server

Heroes of the Storm

One week after the release on the public test server, the new patch for Heroes of the Storm already on the live server. With that, a fiery new champion enters the Nexus: Blaze.

The pyromaniac, from among the ranks of Raynor's raiders, is equipped with flamethrowers and bunkers in the manner of a Starcraft Firebat.

Heroes of the Storm - Blaze, the Firebat

You can find his skills and the spotlight video in our article on Blaze's arrival on the PTR. No more fundamental changes were made to it.

What has changed since the patch was released on the test server, however, are the battlefields and, above all, the towers and mercenaries. After the abolition of the Ammunition for towers In the last update, the game didn't quite develop as planned. The designers at Blizzard had slightly overestimated the unlimited ammunition and react to the significantly shorter game times in this patch. The towers & forts do 33% more damage from now on. Particularly strong mercenaries, such as Hellions and Knights, slightly weakened, mainly with fewer health points.

Heroes of the Storm - Towers & Sölder

The Heroes of the Storm Team also provides a detailed explanation for this as this is an important game balance point:

"Developer comment: As expected, our 2018 gameplay update has made major changes to many of our gaming systems. We are generally satisfied with the results of the update, but there have also been some unwanted side effects that we would like to fix. For example, we overestimated how much buildings benefit from unlimited ammunition. This made advance mechanics too strong and ultimately resulted in shorter playing times on almost all maps. With this update, we're giving our towers some of their bite back, which will help teams hold off advances from mercenary camps and map events. We're also making a few adjustments to some of our mercenary camps after we get a better idea of their performance.

Battle Hellions and Knights in particular are currently advancing faster than expected, so we're reducing their fighting power. We also take a look at the boss of the warhead manufacture and weaken him in the early and middle phases of the game so that he can no longer exert as much pressure on paths. At the moment it is just too strong in connection with nuclear missiles from the map event. Last but not least, we reduce the effect of regeneration balls. We like the new mini-game with neutral regeneration balls in the early phase, but we are not entirely satisfied with the enormous advantage the leading team is currently getting when advancing into a defending team. Also, players are generally picking up more regeneration orbs, so these changes will help keep the overall healing in the game within limits. These are significant changes, and more changes are likely to be required over time. We will continue to keep an eye on the state of the game and make further adjustments at any time if necessary. "

The detailed patch notes for the Heroes of the Storm patch released on 10.1. was played, can be found on the official website.

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