Heroes of the Storm - Patch and Winter Veil Festival

Heroes of the Storm

With the weekly Heroes of the Storm update there was not only the new champion Hanzo, the Winter Veil Festival with missions, but also the start of the first ranking season 2018.

Heroes of the Storm - Winter Veil Festival 2017

The event runs from December 13th, 2017 to January 8th, 2018 and offers several stages. There are 4 consecutive quests to be completed to find all the rewards under the Christmas tree:

  • 1.Quest - Play 2 games Reward: Spray: nostalgic reindeer
  • 2.Quest - Play 5 games Reward: Winter Veil war banner
  • 3.Quest - Play 8 games Reward: Portrait: reindeer with red nose
  • 4.Quest - Win 5 games Reward: Mount: Noble snow animal

The Allocation system for players has also been revised with the update. From now on, the performance and strength of a player (also known as MMR - Match Making Rankin) should be classified faster and more precisely. The new system also takes into account the individual performance of the player and not just the win / lose ratio. A right detailed blog post the developer goes into more detail on the topic.

Since the patch was released on the test server, the developers have also listened to player feedback. The introduced mechanics that Walls are automatically destroyed when the associated towers and gates are destroyed is deleted.

The detailed German Patch notes gives up Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm homepage to find. Including a whole series of balance changes to various heroes and the exact abilities of Hanzo. Or watch the Spotlight Video to see what means the Overwatch hero will use to clean up the Nexus:


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