Heroes of the Storm - Patch brings white streak

Heroes of the Storm - Picture of Whitemane

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch finally brings High Inquisitor White Streak to the live server.

New Heroes of the Storm heroine Whitemane

“As the High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, Sally Whitemane leads her champions zealously in an endless war against the undead. Under its radiant light, all those touched by the plague of death will be purified by its purifying flame ... whether they want it or not. "

You can find all information about Weißsträhne in our previous article. Nothing about her has changed during her time on the test server.


Furthermore, Chromie has been rebalanced, here the Heroes of the Storm developers also provide a detailed explanation for the "nerfs". Because Chromie has been a bit too strong in the eyes of many players lately.

Developer comment: We're making a few changes to Chromie to reduce the frustration for her opponents and make them more consistent from game to game. Many of these changes are aimed at giving Chromie's opponents counter opportunities. Among other things, we've reduced the range of their abilities and their opponents can now see where the ability will hit shortly after using Dragon Breath. To compensate, Chromie's Blast of Sand is now faster to use, and a customized version of Bronze Claws is now part of her basic equipment so she can deal extra damage between her abilities with auto attacks. We added Bronze Claws to their trait because we wanted to encourage Chromie players to interact more with their opponents.

Those who venture into slightly more dangerous positions will be rewarded with additional damaging power. We can also change Chromie's damage from long-range abilities and immense instant damage to a version that allows her opponents to interact better. We like Chromie as our unique long range "artillery mage". This role forces her opponents to be more careful about their own positions, but over time we've found that she simply had too much range and instant damage, and too often frustrated her opponents. We had a blast making these changes and will continue to monitor them closely for additional adjustments if necessary.

You can find the complete patch notes of the current update here on the Blizzard homepage find.

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