Heroes of the Storm - PTR Patch brings Mal'Ganis

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Heroes of the Storm cover photo by Mal & #039; Ganis Spotlight Video

With Mal'Ganis THE archenemy of Arthas finally arrives in the nexus of Heroes of the Storm at. You can already try it out on the PTR.


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In Warcraft 2, Mal'Ganis ensured that Arthas Frostmourne was seized and thus corrupted. Veterans will still remember the Stratholme Mission, when Arthas and Mal'Ganis competed to see who could transform or kill the inhabitants first.

Mal'Ganis and his skills in Heroes of the Storm


  • Vampire touch
    • Mal'Ganis heals himself for 45 % of the enemy hero dealt damage and 15 % of damage against non-heroic targets.

Basic skills

  • Demonic Claws (Q)
    • Strikes wildly in the target direction, dealing 78 damage to enemies.
    • Activate again to strike up to two more times. The third strike stuns enemies for 0.75 seconds.
  • Necrotic Pull (W)
    • Mal'Ganis desecrates the air, dealing 119 damage to nearby enemies and gaining 25 armor for 3 seconds.
  • Nightfall (E)
    • After 0.75 seconds, movement speed is increased by 50 % for 2 seconds. While night falls, Mal'Ganis can move through enemy Heroes and put them to sleep for 2.5 seconds.

Heroic Skills

  • Carrion Swarm (R)
    • After 1 second, transforms into an invulnerable swarm of bats for 3 seconds, dealing 74 damage per second to enemies.
    • Vampire Touch heals for 100 % of the damage Aasshwarm Heroes inflicts.
  • Dark Transformation (R)
    • After Dark Conversion has been channeled onto an enemy hero for 0.75 seconds, Mal'Ganis swaps the percentage of health over the course of 3 seconds with the aim of doing this.

The complete patch can be played on the Test Real of Heroes of the Storm until October 15th, before it will hopefully be uploaded to the live server without any bugs. You can find the detailed German patch notes on the official Blizzard homepage find.

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