Heroes of the Storm - Real Naaru Hammer to be won

Heroes of the Storm - Yrel

On the occasion of the Echoes from Alterac Events in Heroes of the Storm Blizzard is giving away a real Naaru hammer.

Many have probably already seen the iconic hammer in World of Warcraft. Since Yrel has been involved in the Nexus, it has also been part of everyday life there. Either as he tears up the armor of the opponents or comes up to the face of your hero.

The lifelike replica will hopefully cause less damage and more likely get a place of honor in the lucky winner's collection. With approximately. 185 cm Length you need quite a bit of space. The exact rules can be found in the official Blizzard announcement below. Good luck!


Heroes of the Storm competition

The newest hero in the Nexus, Yrel, is a fierce warrior who uses her mighty Naaru hammer to protect her allies on the battlefield. To celebrate Echoes of Alterac, we're giving you the chance to swing the hammer yourself.

So how can you win it?

This is how you can participate:

The competition starts on June 29th at 9:00 a.m. CEST and ends on July 13th at 8:59 a.m. CEST.

  • Read the rules (in English only) to make sure you are eligible to enter this competition.
  • To participate you have to first Heroes of the Storm on Instagram consequences.
  • Then mark the official entry to the competition with "Like" in order to participate.
  • We will then contact you if you have won.

What kind of hammer is that?

  • The hammer is remarkable: approx. 185 cm tall with the corresponding stand. So make sure you have enough space for him too!
  • It may be huge, but don't worry - it's light enough to carry! Please continue to limit your righteous destruction of your enemies to the Nexus.
  • Within the Warcraft universe, the hammer was formerly owned by Defender Maraad. After his death from Blackhand, Yrel wielded his hammer as the Champion of Light against the Iron Horde.

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