Heroes of the Storm - Skins and mounts from the junk desert

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Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard's motto for Heroes of the Storm is not to mess, but to plop, and a number of new skins will come in the next patch. The new skins and mounts are inspired by the topic of the junk desert and are accordingly "crazy".


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Heroes of the Storm - Junk Desert Skins

The legendary skin for Azmodan, the Lord of Sin. As usual, this skin is available in 3 colors:

Heroes of the Storm - Azmodan
Source: Blizzard

Nazeebo also wants to belong and presents itself in this outfit:

Heroes of the Storm - Nazeebo
Source: Blizzard

Graduates Raynorwhose hothead caught fire here in the truest sense of the word:

Heroes of the Storm - Raynor
Source: Blizzard

The Raynor Skin in particular is a bit reminiscent of Ghost Rider and to match it comes as a new vehicle, the Helldorado!

Heroes of the Storm - Helldorado
Source: Blizzard

There are 8 new rare skins for Arthas, ETC and Samuro:

Heroes of the Storm - ETC
Source: Blizzard

Blizzard brings the new skins to the shop in various savings and skin packages. These are available from July 10th to August 6th via jewel payment.

Savings package: Robbers of the scrap desert

AzmodanDominant KraszmodanHelldorado
NazeeboDangerous KraszmodanGhostly Helldorado
RaynorMachine KraszmodanNameless Helldorado
Dieselkopf Nazeebo
Igniting diesel head Nazeebo
Neon blue diesel head nazeebo
Roadraider Raynor
Ghostly roadraider Raynor
Nameless roadraider Raynor


The second mount comes with the patch Heavenly Lugs:

Heroes of the Storm
Source: Blizzard

“We're saddling the stars and sending them to the Nexus with our new mount, the sky ram! If you'd like to have a heavenly rascal yourself, then we have good news for you! Anyone who buys jewels in the game with real money from the week of July 10th onwards will receive the sky rOCK for free! "

You can find the complete overview of the new skins and packages on the Heroes of the Storm homepage to this topic.

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