Heroes of the Storm - Starcraft and Fenix Patch on the test realm

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Heroes of the Storm

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Blizzard's Starcraft universe, there are 3 old school portrait rewards in Heroes of the Storm. The corresponding patch has just arrived on the Public Test Realm and can be tested there until March 26th.

Heroes of the Storm

Also with the update, one of the Protoss' greatest heroes comes to the Nexus: Fenix.

New Heroes of the Storm hero: Fenix

Fenix is considered one of the greatest heroes in Protoss history, and his exploits on the battlefield have become legend. After he fell in the invasion of Aiur, his body was recovered and wrapped in a dragoon hull. So he could keep fighting. Not even death can stop Fenix from achieving fame and bravery.


  • Shield compensator
    • Fenix has a permanent shield with 800 points. It regenerates 80 shield points per second after Fenix has not taken damage for 5 seconds.

Basic skills

  • Plasma cutter (Q)
    • Sends a plasma beam to the target point, which circles Fenix twice. The beam deals 150 damage to enemies and Slows them by 25 % for 4 seconds.
  • Weapon mode (W)
    • Activate to switch between weapon mode: repeating cannon and weapon mode: phase bomb.
    • Weapon mode: phase bomb
      • Auto Attacks have range increased by 1.5, deal 25 % more damage, and deal area damage to nearby enemies.
    • Weapon mode: repeating cannon
      • Increases attack speed by 150 %.
  • Warp (E)
    • Warps Fenix to the target location, he disappears after 0.5 seconds and appears 0.75 seconds later at the target location.

Heroic Skills

  • Disruptor volley (R)
    • Channels a targeting laser in front of Fenix for 1.5 seconds, marking enemy heroes. After channeling, he fires 5 missiles at each of the marked heroes. Each missile deals 86 damage. Slowed targets take 50 % more damage.
  • Planet Crusher (R)
    • After 0.5 seconds, channels a powerful laser beam across the battlefield for 4 seconds, inflicting 105 damage every 0.25 seconds on enemies hit (except buildings).

There are also improvements to the user interface

In-game user interface

  • Group window
    • Muting another player's pings now also mutes any death timer pings that player ALT + clicks on the group window user interface at the top of the screen.
    • While he is immortal, Leoric's life track in the group window now shows how long it will be before he appears again.
  • Points overview (tab key)
    • In the score overview in the game, the headings of the columns have been replaced by symbols. Move the mouse pointer over the symbols to get a brief description of the respective column.

Team selection mode

  • The displays for hero and player names under the hero portraits have swapped positions.
    • The hero's name now appears in the upper name display and the player name in the lower name display.
  • Allied Heroes' names are now visible to teammates before they confirm their selections.
    • The opposing team's hero names will not be displayed until those players confirm their selection.
    • Both teams' hero names will not be visible to spectators until players confirm their selections.
  • The player names of the opposing team are no longer displayed during team selection.
    • The player names of both teams will not be visible to spectators until all players in the team selection lobby confirm their chosen heroes.

The full patch notes for the latest Heroes of the Storm update can also be found here Blizzard's homepage.

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