Heroes of the Storm - The Echoes of Alterac and Yrel Patch is here

Heroes of the Storm

Today's patch doesn't just bring that Echoes from Alterac Event after Heroes of the Stormbut also the new heroine Yrel.

We mainly mention the changes to the known patch notes from the PTR.

Heroes of the Storm - Bonus EP at Alterac Event

Echoes of Alterac not only brings new quests and challenges, but also a new battlefield, the Alterac Pass. To celebrate, there will be an EP bonus in the next few weeks if you play with your friends.

XP bonus of 50 %

  • Between now and July 9th, players can earn 50 more % XP by playing Heroes of the Storm with friends.
    • Complete matches in VS, Quick Find, Unrated Team Pick, or Team League matches while you're in the group with a friend for the XP bonus of 50 %.
    • Have a look at our current XP Bonuses Blog for more information.



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The new battlefield will not overturn the ranked games, but will only be active for normal games for 1 week. This gives all players some time to look at the new battlefield in peace:

Note: Alteracpass will be made playable in two phases over the next few weeks:

  • Unweighted modes: In the week of June 19, Alteracpass will be available in Quick Find, Unrated, Against the AI and in Custom Games.
  • Ranked Games: In the week of July 10th, Alteracpass will be added to the Ranked Play battlefield rotation.

Heroes of the Storm newest heroine - Yrel


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Yrel comes from the public test server almost unchanged, only the damage bonus of her basic ability has been increased slightly:

Basic skills

  • Righteous Defense (Q)
    • Unleashes sacred energy around Yrel, dealing 38 damage to enemies and healing them for 96 life.
    • Charging this ability increases the damage up to a maximum 125 140 and the healing up to a maximum of 320

Battlefield Changes: Warhead Manufacture

Who would have thought nuclear missiles are too powerful! So nuclear disarmament also finds its way into Heroes of the Storm.

Warhead Manufactory

  • Nuclear missile (F)
    • The bonus damage in the middle of the explosion has been removed. Warheads now deal even damage across the area.
      • Note: This change was introduced with the Nexomania patch on May 22nd, but was not listed in the patch notes. We apologize for the confusion this has caused.

Developer comment: There wasn't much that could be done against the bonus damage of the warheads later in the game. Teams could amass multiple warheads and then destroy any building - including the citadel - very quickly. The bonus damage in the center gave players interesting options in how and where to deploy the warheads, but the problems were more serious. Hitting as many buildings as possible is also a fun challenge in our opinion, which has a more positive impact on the game.

The detailed patch notes for the Heroes of the Storm update on June 13th you can the official site read up.

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