Heroes of the Storm - The new camouflage system explained

Heroes of the Storm

With a rather extensive blog post, the Blizzard developers explain for Heroes of the Storm the upcoming changes on Stealth mode.

The Live Design Team did not decide lightly to make the changes and is therefore trying to make the motivation behind it clear for all players.

The previous camouflage rather degenerated into one Eye test because the shimmer of camouflaged heroes was really very minimal. Depending on whether the teams were full of players with an eye for the effect or not, camouflaged heroes could dominate the game or were completely useless. The player of the camouflaged hero had relatively little influence. Likewise, the higher the level of the game, such as the top ranks in the ranking or in tournaments, the weaker the camouflage heroes were.

It was therefore necessary to completely revise the system. Camouflaged Heroes now have a much clearer outline when in your field of view. Quasi a clear one silhouette and not just a flickering spot.

Heroes of the Storm - Redesigned stealth mode

"Invisible" when stationary

Standing camouflaged heroes are completely invisible and have no visual effect at all, so the uncertainty and risk remain. As soon as they move they are naturally marked as normal and there are restrictions to prevent various “tricks”. Heroes on active target points cannot become invisible, or the camouflaged heroes become visible when the control point becomes active.

The same goes for mercenary camps after the mercenaries are defeated. This leaves enough opportunity to counter.


In this state it was previously impossible to break the camouflage, mainly with Valeere and Samuro. Valeera in particular needs this effect in order to be able to use its abilities, which is why it remains largely unchanged. Only the visual effect is no longer hidden when camouflaging.

To take account of the new system, there are changes to the camouflage heroes such as  Nova, Samuro, Zeratul and Valeera. Some of these are given new or adapted skills.

The full details of these changes can be found in the Blog post the Heroes of the Storm developer. About appropriate PTR update patch notes we had already reported.

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