Heroes of the Storm - White Streak Skins, Viper Skin Pack and more

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Heroes of the Storm - Picture of Whitemane

After the announcement of High Inquisitor Whitemane as the newest Heroes of the Storm Blizzard is also presenting new skins today.

Heroes of the Storm - Skins in development

Next White streak and her various skins such as Heavenly Empress / Galactic Empress / Warp Space Empress White Streak, there is also a range of emojis and portraits for the new supporter.

Heroes of the Storm - Potraits, Emojis, Sprays from Weißsträhne
Source: Blizzard

For three of the Overwatch heroes in Heroes of the Storm there will also be new skins soon:

Viper: new skins, mounts and more

Thanks to her impeccable military strategy and the unconditional loyalty of her soldiers, no one stood in the way of Viper for long when she came to power. Viper can always use new recruits. Join their ranks and fight alongside notorious members like Rattlesnake, Death Bite or the Emperor himself! Below you can take a look at the new skins for Ana, Genji and Stukov as well as the new mount Viper Dominator. Grab whatever catches your eye when these items hit the Nexus in the week of August 7th. (Source: Blizzard)

Heroes of the Storm - Image of the Viper Mount
Source: Blizzard

Of course there are also a number of portraits, emojis and whatever else the fan heart needs. Some of the older champions like Chen and Muradin and others can look forward to new skins too.

The "Viper" skins are also available as a complete package for jewels between August 7th and September 3rd, so that you get the complete set with one purchase.

Value package: kneel down in front of Viper

AnaRattlesnake AnaViper Dominator
GenjiArctic Rattlesnake AnaSulphurous Viper Dominator
StukovPoisonous rattlesnake anaPoisonous Viper Dominator
Death Bite Genji
Arctic Death Bite Genji
Venomous Death Bite Genji
Emperor Stukov
Arctic Emperor Stukov
Poisonous Emperor Stukov

You can find an overview of all new skins and other pictures on the Heroes of the Storm homepage find.

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