Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Adjustments to lockpicking and saving

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If there's one game everyone's talking about right now, it's Kingdom Come: Deliverance(Buy now on Amazon *). The Middle Ages RPG from the Czech Warhorse Studio scores with its degree of reality. In some places even with too much difficulty and realism. After just a few days, the developers reacted to the first feedback from the community and indicated possible changes on Twitter.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - developers promise adjustments

So that especially ensures Pick locks Mini game and the Storage Function for discussions. Opening a lock with the lockpick is a real challenge in the game and requires practice.

The memory system also takes some getting used to, the game saves automatically in certain places. For example when accepting a quest or when you sleep in your bed. Manual spokes, on the other hand, are only possible with the rescue schnapps, which is quite expensive. In itself, such a storage system is not new, the only problem is that some of the automatic storage locations have been chosen unfavorably in the eyes of the players.

On a Quicksave Function ala Skyrim, where you save every 5 seconds and reload with the slightest problem, you don't need to be "happy". The Kingdom Come: Deliverance Instead, developers will adjust the automatic storage locations and make them more regular. Because despite everything, the decisions of the players should have consequences in the world. This approach should also find approval from most players who asked directly on the social media platforms not to let the game become too easy.

Cited as a time frame for a patch Daniel Vávra from Warhorse Studios about 2 weeks. If you have difficulties getting into Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we'll take a look at our tips for beginners to my heart.


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