LANoire - The Switch and PS4 versions are here


The improved version of LANoire is available today for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A lot has happened in the console world since it was first released in 2011 and Rockstar Games takes this as an opportunity to revive the classic. The game revolves around a typical gangster story from the 1940s, only this time we slip into the role of the police officer. So we collect evidence and clues, drive the car to the crime scenes, question witnesses and (hopefully) solve our cases. The whole thing against the background of the glamor, but also the corruption in America around 1940. As Cole Phelps we investigate cases that are based on real cases and sometimes get a little harder on the suspects.

LANoire - Small change to the survey system

This is where the biggest change comes into play, the interrogation options have changed slightly. There used to be Truth, Doubt, Lie (Truth, doubt, lie) to choose from and as determined as the reaction of our character to the statements of the suspects. This often caused a bit of confusion when, when in doubt, our cop suddenly yelled at the suspect and finished off. For the new version, the conversation options have been changed to Good Cop, Bad Cop, Accuse. So good cop, bad cop, and blaming, so the reactions should make more sense.

In terms of graphics, the game wasn't just made on the new console Switch implemented, but also got new graphics with 1080p resolution. Still 720p in handheld mode. It also supports control via the touchscreen and motion control.

The announced virtual reality version will unfortunately only be released in December and is limited to 7 cases.

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