League of Legends - 3 new Pulsefire Skins

League of Legends - Pulsefire

In a video on the League of Legends On Facebook, Riot presented 3 new skins of the Pulsefire series today. So are Pulsefire Ezreal and Caitlyn finally no longer alone and with Shen, Riven and Twisted Fate ialmost a whole team.

League of Legends - The Pulsefire Series

Pulsefire Ezreal was the first legendary skin that came with an icon and background image for the client. Not to mention the in-game skin with new voice output and design.

The new skins look correspondingly good. Especially Twisted Fate convinces with its look and especially its Ultimate stands out. He chooses his destination on a screen and then jumps through the portal that opens.

One Riven with the new skin you don't want to encounter it at all. The blade looks so massive and gigantic that it can even cut Malphite into small pieces.

At Shen We also expect a premiere of the ninja showing his face for the first time. Normally you never meet the leader of the Ionian Kinkou order without his mask.

Pulsefire Facebook video

The video is a PBE preview, dated League of Legends Test server. This means that details of the skins can still change before publication. When the skins will officially appear and in which price category they are not yet known.

There was another teaser for a new skin through a new profile picture on the Facebook page:


League of Legends Beemo

This cute little fellow comes with the next patch 8.9, without having to make a stopover on the PBE beforehand.

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