League of Legends - 8.1 German Patch Notes

League of Legends

The League of Legends Update 8.10 doesn't just bring that announced new Pulsefireskins, but also a number of Champion and Jungle adjustments.

Especially with the jungle there are some changes, in the early game most camps gave too much experience and so the jungle could sometimes attack a solo laner who was only level 2 at level 3. The experience of all jungle camps will now scale with the monster level:

  • BLUE GUARDIAN 180 115–180 (at levels 1–7)
  • RED THORN BACK 180 115–180 (at levels 1–7)
  • BIG KRUGG 125 100–157 (at levels 1–7)
  • MEDIUM KRUGG 35 35–55 (at levels 1–7)
  • LITTLE KRUGG 7 7–11 (at levels 1–7)
  • BIG WOLF 100 65–102 (at levels 1–7)
  • LITTLE WOLVES 40 25–39 (at levels 1–7)
  • LARGE BIRD OF PREY 62 56–88 (at levels 1–7)
  • LITTLE BIRDS OF PREY 35 19–30 (at levels 1–7)
  • GROMP 200 115–180 (at levels 1–7)

To compensate for this he gives Rift Grabber more experience and is more important in the early game. At the start of the game there will still be 2 rift grabbers, after both have been killed, only one new one appears at a time. Its position is random and can be either north or south of the river.

To the Bounties Riot thought about it too. After the update, only the player who gives the enemy the killing blow will receive the bounty. Of course, the normal gold for the kill or for assists will continue to be distributed as before.

Only when the opponent has a really gigantic kill series of 6 or more kills is there a 450 gold bonus for the team and a further 300 gold for the player with the fatal blow.

League of Legends. - Champion changes

With the champions, the freshly buffed one becomes Dr. Mundo immediately put back in its place and his Ultimate gets a longer cooldown and higher costs. This makes it more important to get the time right.


Here the League of Legends developers reduce the basic value of the life regeneration and the basic damage of its e-ability. At the same time, the E will scale better with ability in the future. The bonus damage to secondary targets disappears, but the armor reduction hits all units hit and not just the main target.

You can find the more detailed patch notes on the official League of Legends Homepage Find. We have added the small mini video with the summary for you at the beginning of the article.

Different from what Dr Mundo was Poppy a little too weak after the changes in the last update, but it now gets 5 more speed 345 instead of 340.

And of course with the update the 3 new Pulsefire Skins for Riven, Twisted Fate and Shen come. These are included in the patch, but not yet activated for purchase.

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