League of Legends - Chinese fans tear up Final Tickets for $ 125k

League of Legends

After it was determined that the final of the League of Legends World Cup will be held without a Chinese team, some fans have torn their tickets. A particularly angry fan even got his VIP tickets for approx. $ 125,000 destroyed.

The World Cup is currently taking place in China and the final on Saturday November 4th. The local fans celebrated theirs Teams Royal Never Give Up, Team WE and Edward Gaming frenetic, every positive action, no matter how small, evoked storms of enthusiasm. And for many fans it was clear: this year one of their teams will make it to the finals and win against the strong Koreans.

League of Legends - Another year firmly in Korean hands

This enthusiasm was unfortunately put to an end in the 2 semi-final matches. RNG lost to SKT T1 and Team WE lost to Samsung Galaxy. The League of Legends final is once again firmly in Korean hands.

As a sign of disappointment and protest, many fans have now torn up their final tickets and posted about them. Team WE'S defeat in particular, which happened without resistance, aroused the anger of the Chinese fans. One fan in particular went nuts and bought for $ 125,000 VIP tickets for the finale and tore them up. So he not only demonstrated his anger, but also said he wanted to prevent other fans from going to the final. So it could be the encounter between SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy takes place in a stadium that is not fully occupied.

With all due understanding for the anger of the fans, this is a rather shoddy action. After all, it is not the fault of the other nations and their fans that no Chinese team made it to the final. Just like with world championships or Olympics in other sports, the teams have to get to the heart of their performance. This year the Korean teams did much better and so they deserved their participation in the final.

Like League of Legends developer Riot will react to this action and whether new cards will be printed is not yet known.

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