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After Riot dealt with the jungle in the last patch, the focus of League of Legends Update 8.11 on the Protect. Here runes and items for shooters are adjusted and the basic values revised. Of course, the patch also brings us the new champion Pyke and that "Curse of the Drowned" event.


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League of Legends 811th the era of shooters?

Here are the highlights of the update:


Base attack damage from 69 to 66

R collateral damage: cooldown from 110/85/60 to 120/90/60 seconds


The first time is available earlier and the time to appear the next time is also reduced.

General adjustment of the basic values of shooters:

Lately there has been an increasing trend to start as a shooter with Doran's shield and so get through the initial phase easier. In addition to this, the life regeneration of runes such as light-footedness and shooters could practically only be killed by all-ins attacks. Champions who tend to rely on pests had little chance because the damage was regenerated too quickly.

To change this, the ability to regenerate is weakened and light-footedness is reduced.

Another change doesn't seem quite in line with the plans, but has a reason:

“Last but not least, we are reducing the basic attack damage of all shooters by 4 and shifting this damage to their increase value, so that from level 9 everything is back to normal. While this doesn't seem to be in line with our goals above, for aggressive non-shooter champions (Leona or Brand, for example) that means that the shooters' normal attacks will put less strain on their health bars and make them more present in lane can."


The Storm Edge is a new rifleman item that is primarily intended for champions who take frequent breaks between attacks. An example of this would be Jhin with its cooldowns.

Storm Edge

League of Legends Storm Edge

  • TOTAL COST 3,200 gold
  • MANUFACTURING PATH giant sword + pickaxe + dagger + 725 gold
  • UNIQUE, PASSIVE Storm advantage: If you haven't attacked in the last 3 seconds (scaled down with your attack speed), your next normal attack hits critically, causing 160 % damage (+1 % per 1.5 % chance of critical hits, max. 200 %) and Grants 10 % Movement Speed for 1.75 seconds.

The blade of infinity is a little more expensive 3700 instead of 3400 gold and no longer gives a chance of critical hits itself. Instead, it doubles the total critical hit chance and converts 15% of critical hit damage to absolute damage.

Essence robber

Will 200 gold cheaper and the previous effects:

20% chance of critical hits and the passive critical hit restore 3% mana, not applicable.

There is a new passive with which normal attacks 1 % restore the missing mana and a new effect:

“After using your ult, your next normal attack will grant you for 8 seconds within 10 seconds Essence lights. "Essence Lights" grants you 30 % additional attack speed and normal attacks refund 20 % of the remaining cooldowns of your basic abilities (30 second cooldown)."

Last breath

Instead of penetrating 35% of the target's additional armor, Final Breath now works against 10% of the target's armor. With this, the League of Legends developers are weakening the problem that armor penetration brings extremely little at the beginning, but then suddenly becomes extremely important. With the change, the transition becomes a little more fluid.

Lord Dominik's greetings and Mortal warning also get penetration of the entire armor of the target 35% or 25%, as they contain a final breath.

So it will be interesting how the shooters play with the new items. Often shooters fluctuate between almost useless ("Everyone is playing Sivir because of the Speedbuff of the Ultimate") and so strong that they break up tanks in 3 shots and are unbeatable.

You can find the detailed patch notes for 8.11 on the official League of Legends Homepage, the small overview video about the most important changes, we have added for you at the beginning of the article.


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