League of Legends - Hotfixes for Patch 8.11

League of Legends Teemo

With the League of Legends Patch 8.11 the balance team at Riot caused a lot of dust. The shooter changes and the changes to various objects had such a resounding effect that hotfixes were in work just 1 day later and have since been installed.

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League of Legends - Too much cooldown reduction

Patch 8.11 was supposed to make Taliyah competitive again, but didn't achieve the goal. Now their E ability is further enhanced in the MicroPatch. Kai'Sa and Ezreal, who were strong marksmen even before the patch, got too strong from the changed items and critical hits. Together with the Banner of Command, both are screwed back a little.

It is not yet known whether further hotfixes will come Reddit Interesting reports are already circulating about what is possible with the cooldown effect of the new Essence Reaver. The effect reduces the cooldowns of your abilities (but not for your ultimate). So it is with Teemo possible to blind an opponent permanently with his Q with objects that reduce the cooldown and the Essence Reaver effect. Quite a torment for auto-attack champions who have trouble against Teemo anyway.

Our favorite handbag Renekton on the other hand, with so much cooldown, two hours should be packed in one combo. It will be interesting which other champions are now being "overpowered" with corresponding builds and whether another hotfix may arrive.

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