League of Legends - opening win for FC Schalke 04

League of Legends

The prelude to the European League of Legends LCS brought some curiosities and the first season win for FC Schalke 04 Esports Team.

League of Legends - Roccat vs. FC Schalke 04

It didn't seem like a good start for FC Schalke 04 AD Carry Upset was unable to play the opening game due to illness. So the team was not only forced to play with a substitute player, but also had to change Vander, who normally played support, to the ADC role.

Then played as a substitute Mitch "Boris" Voorspoelswho have favourited Support Role. Boris should still be known to the fans under the name Krepo as a player and analyst / commentator. Boris now works as a coach for FC Schalke 04 and as a substitute for emergencies.

That such an emergency would occur on the first match day was certainly not planned and so one could assume a clear advantage for the opposing team Roccat, who competed with their entire team.

Nevertheless, the Schalke team prevailed and secured victory with a tactically clean match and good team fights for Baron Nashor. mascot Erwin in the studio was definitely extremely happy.

League of Legends

Curiously, Team Roccat followed the unfortunate trend of losing to teams with substitutes on a regular basis.

The following results were achieved in the remaining matches:

G2 esports against Misfits 1-0

H2K against Team vitality 0:1

Unicorns of Love against Giants Gaming 0:1

Roccat against FC Schalke 04 0:1

Fnatic against Splyce 1-0

The second day of the EU LCS starts on Saturday, January 20th at 5pm and will Live on Twitch transfer. After that, at around 11 p.m., the NA LCS begins with Team Liquid against Team SoloMid (TSM).

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