League of Legends - Patch 7.23 is here

League of Legends

After the overwhelming Preseason patch For League of Legendswho with the "Runes Reforged“System almost brought a new game, now the next balancing patch is coming.

But not only the heroes and skills were tweaked, with Zoe the aspect of twilight enters the battlefield.


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League of Legends - The preseason throws everything upside down

With the new runes, Riot also takes on the first "OP", that is, an overly strong key rune. The harm of Benefee Summon / Summon Aery  is reduced from 20-60 to 15-40. Since Aery is very, very often active, the damage she caused was too high.

The Towers also experience changes, here is the explanation of the developers on this decision:

“Over time, the focus of league games has developed on mainly moving around the map in groups of five and having team fights. This can leave something out for players who like to exert pressure on several lanes or want to control vassal waves, which is why we are now adapting the functionality of the vassals and the robustness of the towers in order to give them more success with their strategies. "

  • BETTER STONES - All towers in Summoner's Rift have received 300 extra health.
  • STONE MEDITES - Vassals deal 50 % ⇒ 40 % reduced damage to towers.
  • DISTANCE TRAINING - After 20 minutes, minions gain +25 movement speed. This change will take effect a few days after the patch has been applied so that we can observe the effect more closely.

Riot responds to criticism

The criticism of the new “First win of the day“The system has made an impact. Many players were unhappy that they were only getting experience. And therefore always had to play enough games for a full level until they received a reward in the form of blue essences (BE). Even if only 1 Blue Essence was missing for the new champion, the new system still needed to level up.

Now part of the experience is transformed, so there is the first victory of the day 50 BE + 400 experience.

To better organize your Skin collection there is now a new tab in which the skins can be viewed and sorted as desired. This feature was one of the most requested since the introduction of the new client.

In addition, there are Champion adjustments to Gragas, Jinx, Illaoi, Rammus, Shyvana and Taliyah. The complete patch notes would go beyond the scope here and can open Riot's website for patch 7.23 being found. The small overview video about everything new in League of Legends can be found at the beginning of the article.

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