League of Legends - Patch 7.9 Patch Notes

League of Legends

The already indicated change to the tanks have now arrived on the League of Legends Live servers with patch 7.9.

With this update, Riot is making a number of changes to the 3 tanks, Sejuani, Maokai and Zac. The skill sets will be revised and the identity of the individual characters will be emphasized. At the same time, adjustments were made to many tank items such as Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage

League of Legends - Tank revision

Maokai - As a character who can do a little bit of everything, it was very difficult to balance him. If his abilities are too strong, there is no need to play anything else. If they are equal there is no reason to play it, as other champions will always be better in special situations. Probably the biggest change will be his Ultimate, which will create a gigantic root wall from today. This gives Maokai a powerful tool in team fights.

Sejuani - Should no longer be a simple Ultimate Bot and get an improved E: Permafrost which, similar to the Braum, creates passive stacks on the opponent. This means that Sejuani still has enough opportunities to make her contribution in longer team fights without being fixated on her ultimate.

Zac - With the elastic sling, Zac always had one of the coolest skills, now Riot tries to bring his remaining skills to the same level. His Q: Stretch Strike lets him throw 2 targets against each other and cause AoE damage in the collision. His Ultimate first turns him into a puddle of slime, then it hurls all enemies that run over him upwards. If the puddle has enough time to recharge, it carries all opponents with it to the destination. This will require a lot of responsiveness, but it also makes the skill wonderfully diverse. Throwing opponents away from your own shooter or clearing the dragon pit, the possibilities are endless.

League of Legends items

With the adaptive helmet, a new magic resistance item comes into play. Mainly intended for marksmen to help them out against battle mages like Ryze or Cassiopeia.

With the stone armor of the gargoyle, a so-called endurance item comes into play. This is intended to improve the longevity of tanks in the middle of the battle.

Riot also adapts a large number of items from this point of view. You can find the detailed patch notes on the official League of Legends page. Patch 7.9 has also been live on the EU servers since this morning.

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