League of Legends - Patch 8.13 buffed shooters and reduced the snowball effect

League of Legends Patch 8.13 Video

The one released today League of Legends Patch 8.13 takes care of the shooters and the bruisers who have completely messed up the meta since the last update.


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League of Legends - Archers are not dead

We live in strange times when professionals play all kinds of bruisers in the botlane, SKT faker plays Taric or Aatrox middle and shooters are considered dead. After all the excitement about the new meta, the team takes off League of Legends the problem. It should also be ensured that unconventional champions appear in the botlane, but shooters should have their right to exist. Because few players complain about the diversity, much more the criticism revolves around the disappearance of the shooting class. Because unlike magicians or bruisers, they cannot simply switch to another lane. Apart from exceptions like Lucian. A traditional shooter like Miss Fortune would be pretty much drowned in the top lane and would either be dead or would stand around useless under the tower without gold and items.

Another point covered in the patch is that Snowball effect. At the moment, many games continue to end for less than 30 minutes, more likely between 20-25 minutes. This makes it impossible for some champions and late-game carries like Kog'maw to achieve something. Also, after a few kills, the game is almost "over", as an early lead can grow into an unrecoverable lead. An early 4-5 man gank of the enemy botlane, which ends in the first destroyed tower and possibly a dragon kill, now provides so many advantages that turning the game is almost impossible.

Early action is supposed to influence the game, but not decide

Riot would like to see more fighting and action at the beginning, but this extreme snowball effect should be reduced. That's what the Resuscitation times decreased at low levels. There is also a new one Bounty already after 2 kills, so that the losing team can create a tie with a quick counterattack.

MMOGA_WM competition

Probably the biggest change concerns the global one Gold reward for outer towers, instead of 100 gold per player and tower, this is halved to 50 gold.

The detailed You can find the German patch notes for 8.13 on the official League of Legends homepage Find. The update also brings the big one Aatrox revision.

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