League of Legends - Patch 8.8 Details

League of Legends

In the quiet phase between the 2 LCS splits, Riot brings the League of Legends Patch 8.8 out. One focus is on LeBlanc and Ahri, as well as the freshly revised Irelia. There are also bug fixes and the new Conqueror Varus Skin.

League of Legends Patch 8.8 Highlights


LeBlanc in particular is one of the typical Hui or Pfui champions and incredibly difficult to balance. The Assassins update didn't change that either and so it needs some fine-tuning. In addition to her passive, mainly her Ultimate changes, which now has significantly stronger effects and not only serves as an escape route with a 2nd W distortion.

R - addition

The overhaul of LeBlanc's Ultimate should allow for more interesting combo options as she was free to choose which ability she wanted to double up. In practice, however, she could go all out and still had an encore distortion left over to run away in case she'd made a mistake.

ENHANCEMENT: Re-casts LeBlanc's last cast spell when R is pressed.

  • RQ - BASIC BALL DAMAGE: 70/140/210
  • RQ - BALL DAMAGE RATIO: 0.4 ability power
  • RQ - BASIC MARKING DAMAGE: 140/280/420
  • RQ - MARKER DAMAGE RATIO: 0.8 ability power
  • —————————————————————————-
  • RW - BASIC DAMAGE: 150/300/450
  • RW - DAMAGE RATIO: 0.75 ability power
  • —————————————————————————-
  • RE - BASIC DAMAGE: CHAINS: 70/140/210
  • RE - DAMAGE RATIO: CHAIN: 0.4 ability power
  • RE - BASIC DAMAGE: HOLD DOWN: 140/280/420
  • RE - DAMAGE RATIO: HOLD DOWN: 0.8 ability power


Ahri gets a little more damage and the ability to concentrate the damage more on a single enemy.
In return it loses some mobility, namely the Running pace Buff on her Q. She now has a movement speed buff on her passive instead: If Ahri hits 2 spells on an opposing champion within 1.5 seconds, her movement speed is increased by 20% for 3 seconds.

Ahri's E-charmn does a little less damage itself, but it increases the damage to your other abilities by 20%. your W-fox fire now targets champions under the influence of charms and tries to hit them primarily.

In the Ultimate Ghost Rush, only the damage scaling is increased from 0.25 to 0.35.


The newly reworked blade dancer gets minor adjustments. Your superiority in the late game is converted into a little more strength in the early game.

Basic armor from 31 to 24

Q-Storming Blade: Minion damage from 60% to 70%

R-A blade length ahead:

  • Cooldown increased from 120/105/90 seconds to 140/120/100 seconds
  • Missile damage reduced from 150/275/400 to 125/225/325.
  • Wall damage is reduced from 125/200/275 to 75/125/175.

League of Legends - Conqueror Varus Skin

The basic version of the scout lens (red trinket) will be removed from the trinkets and the oracle version, in which the field moves with you, is available from level 1.

In addition to the new wasteland baron Rumble Chromas, there is also the new Conqueror Varus Skin.

These were some of the highlights of the update. The more detailed patch notes are beyond the scope of this article and can go on Riot's homepage being found.

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