League of Legends - preseason start and overview of all changes

League of Legends

Due to the upcoming end of the League of Legends Season and the beginning of the preseason, Riot has released an overview video with all changes. This explains the extensive changes that will apply from November 8th.

League of Legends - Runes Reforged

Including the new "Rune Reforged" system, where runes and masteries are combined into a new system. In which it 5 paths there to choose from. Each path has a keystone and 3 rune slots that can be occupied, plus 2 runes from the secondary path. This system is already active from level 1, so there is no longer any imbalance at this point.

The next change concerns the levels, from now on there is no longer a maximum level, but can continue to level indefinitely. The reward system has also been changed, instead of the previous few IPs per game, there is now a capsule with championshards or blue essences with every level up.

Blue essences replace IP and "old" blue essences

Blue essences are the new currency which are made up of the combination of the previous IP / influence points and blue essences. This significantly simplifies the league currency system. The new blue essences can be used for everything for which the "old" currencies were previously used. So buy champions in the shop or at Hextech Crafting.

Compensation for veterans

For the players who have been around for a long time League of Legends play and have already invested in runes and rune pages, there is an extensive conversion system. She compensates for the runes that have now been lost. So some people can enjoy whole mountains of blue essences. For these Dagobert Ducks there is also an extra shop for a few weeks. Luxury items such as special wardskins, icons, etc. are available here.

This is just a rough overview, a more detailed explanation can be found in the video or in our previous article on the subject.

The new champion Zoe and patch 7.22 have now also been shown.

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