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League of Legends

To introduce the 3 new PROJECT skins League of Legends players can expect an entire event with missions and rewards. Until December 5th you have the opportunity to collect PROJEKT tokens, as well as to secure icons and other rewards.

League of Legends - Event with tons of missions and rewards

The whole thing starts with a prologue mission in which you have to win a match by looking for opponents. Completing this quest brings you a whole series of other missions and the PROJECT: Hunter symbol, which you should put on. Otherwise, one of the other PROJECT icons used earlier for other Champions & Skins.

After the prologue mission there are 3 different mission series with different goals. Fortunately, the missions run in parallel, so you can progress in all 3 at the same time.

There is a clear list of all missions and their rewards Riot's homepage about it. It revolves around tasks like killing 7 dragons or 10 creep crawlers, things that you almost automatically take part and bring you closer to victory. For each mission you get a certain amount of PROJECT: Hunter Tokens.

For PROJEKT: Jäger brands, in addition to blue essences and key fragments, exclusive event rewards can also be bought in the shop. For example the hunter frames:

The hunter frames are special frames for the loading screen for PROJECT: Vayne, PROJECT: Vi and PROJECT: Jhin. You don't have to activate the special icon to display the frames.

League of Legends topic page about the eventThis also shows the 3 new skins for Vayne, VI and Jhin. We have included the video for the event at the beginning of the article for you. There is also a second animated trailer that inspires the event:


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