League of Legends - Pyke reveal

League of Legends

After this Champion teaser have the League of Legends Developer Today the Champion Trailer for Pyke released. On the champion's page for the nautical killer you can also find details about his skills and how he plays.

League of Legends - Pyke

His story:

“Left to the Leviathans of the deep by its own crew, Pyke drowned - but did not stay dead. Years later, a mysterious revenant, the Schlitzer vom Bluthafen, lies in wait for his victims in the slaughterhouse and crosses names from a list that never seems to end. Wait ... you look familiar to me ... "

He carries out his support tasks true to the motto "Attack is the best defense" and causes fear and horror among opponents while he cripples them.

Pyke's capabilities at a glance:


When not seen by enemies, Pyke will quickly restore some of the life recently lost to enemy champions.

Pyke also converts his extra health into extra attack damage.


Single click: Pyke impales all enemies in front of him, slowing them down considerably. When he impales a champion, 50 becomes % the cooldown of Bone skewer Reimbursed.

Hold down: Pyke readies his harpoon and throws it. The first enemy hit is impaled and Pyke pulls him a little closer.


Pyke dives into spectral waters, camouflages himself and increases his running pace considerably, dropping again over the next few seconds.

Pyke hides camouflage from his opponents as long as they are outside of his immediate vicinity. Attacks and abilities end the camouflage immediately.


Pyke jumps, leaving a drowned phantom behind. After a short delay, the phantom returns to Pyke. Enemies hit by the phantom take damage and are stunned.


Pyke strikes in an X-shaped area, teleports to champions and executes anyone whose life is below a certain fixed value. Opponents in X who are not executed take damage equal to this value.

If an opposing champion is killed in the X, the last one gets supportive ally the full amount of gold and the kill are also credited. In addition, Pyke Death from below Use again immediately for a short period of time.

With so much aggressiveness, there is of course a good deal of risk involved, especially his ultimate can be negated, for example, by shields and healings and leaves him quite vulnerable. Similar to champions like Bard, Pyke has a lot of mobility, so it is suitable for roaming on the map. But you should discuss this with your ADC before it goes down in a 1vs2.

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