League of Legends - Ranking changes

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League of Legends

In the current / dev Blog represent the League of Legends Developers submit their plans for the ranked games. Including plans for a player assignment based on the position (shooter, top, mid etc), two new tiers, but only 4 divisions per tier and other changes.

Here are the highlights:

League of Legends - New leaderboard

Individual ranks for each position

A problem with ranked player assignment occurs particularly with players who play different roles. For example, a platinum midlaner still gets very difficult games when he registers as support, although he as a supporter might have a maximum of silver level. To improve on that, players in the new rank system will have 5 ranks, one for each position in the game.

Placement games

So far there has been little feedback on how the individual games influence the starting rank and the ranking is not always understandable. With the revisions you get a preliminary rank that is only visible to you after the first placement game. This is intentionally set lower and represents the minimum that you will achieve. The other games can only improve your rank and during these 9 games you have an increased LP gain, no advancement series (these are skipped) and you cannot lose any LP.

Milestones in the ranking

By introducing two new classes, Riot hopes to make the rise in the rankings better. At the same time, the Divisions on 4 reduced. In some classes like Diamond the difference between the players is too gigantic and this change also splits it up further.

3 splits per season

In order to reward continuous play, there will be 3 splits per season, between these the rank will not be reset. In addition, there should be new, better rewards and not just those "Victorious" Skins that disappointed many players because it wasn't their favorite champion.

The ranking frames in the loading screen are also given a new design and reflect the current rank, not that of the previous season. Accordingly, you receive it directly after the placement games.

The Video of the League of Legends team with a presentation of the changes we have added for you at the beginning of our article. The more detailed blog entry can be found here on the German League of Legends homepage.

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