League of Legends - Roadmap 2018, new Champion, Irelia, Akali, Aatrox Rework


Besides the Rumors about Annie and a new skin or short film with her League of Legends Developer Riot today released the roadmap for 2018. Including the plans for a new marksman champion and which heroes are up for an overhaul like Irelia, Aatrox and Akali.

League of Legends Roadmap 2018

Right now, Riot is working on the next Archer / ADC Champion, similar to Vayne can / must take a high risk but be rewarded accordingly.

"The best players of this new champion will penetrate far into enemy territory and flourish there - weak players will disappear without a sound."


The designers like the concept of the blade-whirling Ireliea throwing itself into the crowd and will even improve their Q with new options for a reset. However, your remaining skills will get a major overhaul. The focus should be on pricking with the daggers and a way to open combat.


A difficult case that has gone from being completely overpowered to being completely unplayed since its release. Accordingly, its revision is the most difficult and comprehensive, and of course it also takes more time. It was important for the design team to find a new direction for Aatrox in order to be able to give him a suitable identity in combat:

“After many iterations and a lot of experimentation, we finally settled on a design direction we're happy with: a“ bloodthirsty warlord wielding his two-handed sword ”. His attacks and abilities should feel very heavy and strong, but at the same time maintain the feeling of a sword master in a duel. And he definitely has a huge dark sword that feeds on the death and destruction of all humanity. You know, typically gloomy. "


Akali is also on the program. As an assassin she fluctuates from overly strong to overly weak and especially in the current Tank Meta she has a hard time. If she gets one or two early kills, she is almost unstoppable, otherwise the laning phase is quite difficult for her. So the focus is on a better laning phase, your ability to disappear into the shadows and your potential to get out of control very quickly to limit something.

In addition there were hints of freezing cold with regard to the champion's turn after Akali. This could be for example Nunu his. Nunu was changed recently, but had to be nerfed again immediately afterwards. His buff was so strong for a short time that Nunu + Azir Baron Nashor could kill in 10-15 seconds right at the 20 minute mark. Funny to look at, but rather uncomfortable for the opponent.

League of Legends Nunu Snowball

It is not yet known when the individual revisions will be finished and will land on the League of Legends test / live servers.

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