League of Legends - semi-final crime between SKT T1 and RNG

League of Legends

The first semifinal of the League of Legends World Championship promised a close match.

The 3-time world champions SKT T1 from Korea competed against China's Royal Never Give Up(RNG). The Chinese fans in particular had tasted blood as SKT had not yet shown in top form. Especially without the outstanding performance of Midlaner Faker, the team would hardly have made it into this round.

League of Legends - Korea vs. China

The very first game brought a victory and with it that 1-0 lead for RNG. The Blitzcrank Support from SKT had no effect.

In game 2, SKT hit back directly, this time the unusual support in the form of Leona had an effect and brought that 1:1.

Game 3 brought us RNG ADC Uzi on its legendary Vayne. SKT had no chance against them. It happened as it had to, after only 23 minutes the audience, mainly Chinese, was happy about the 2: 1 lead for RNG.

So stood SKT on the verge of defeat in this Best of 5 and RNG only needed one win for the sensation.

This time RNG brought the unusual picks and started with Rumble in the toplane and Jarvan 4 in the jungle for the devastating combo. In practice, SKT were with Gnarr and Galio simply too stable and couldn't be stopped by anything: 2: 2!

Now everything came down to the decisive point 5th game out and the nerves were bare on both sides.

SKT faker, for the 5th time this series on Galio, turned out to be an almost indestructible bulwark. And even RNG's double ADC combo with Tristana Bot and Corki Mid found no means to stop SKT's advance. SKT T1 was the first team to qualify for the final this world championship. The relief was clearly noticeable in the team, seldom had SKT struggled so hard on the way to the World Cup.

The second semi-final will take place tomorrow between Samsung Galaxy (Korea) and Team WE (China) instead.

We have added the video of the 5th game for you at the beginning of the article. The videos of the first 4 games can be viewed on Riots YouTube Channel be watched.

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