League of Legends - Modern Irelia plays itself almost like a new champion

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League of Legends

The revised Irelia was meanwhile from League of Legends operator Riot presented. It not only presents itself in a fresh look, but also with modern capabilities.

Who knows, maybe the ancient meme will come "Better nerf Irelia" back soon and this time is serious. The modern version of the blade dancer definitely ensures a lot of movement and her Ultimate not only makes a strong visual impression.

“As quiet as the sea, as angry as a hurricane. Irelia is a bitter defender of Ionia who has been taught the ancient dances of her people and has shaped them into her very own art of war. With graceful movements the blade dancer lets a series of deadly blades float and strikes down any fool who wants to try his hand at conqueror. "

League of Legends - Irelia: The New Skills


When Irelia hits opponents with abilities, she gains stacks of for a few seconds Ionic zeal. Each stack gives their normal attacks bonus magic damage, which is increased even further against shields. If she has reached the maximum number of stacks, Irelia also gains attack speed.


Irelia jumps to a target, dealing physical damage (this damage is increased against minions and monsters), inflicts on-hit effects, and heals herself for a small amount.

If the destination was marked or by Storming Blade dies, the ability's cooldown is reset.


First activation: Irelia charges her blades and is unable to move or attack, but benefits from significant damage reduction for a short time. This channeling cannot be interrupted.

Second activation: Irelia flings her blades forward, dealing physical damage and momentarily slowing enemies. The longer Irelia channels, the more damage it deals.

E: Flawless duet

Irelia sends a blade to a destination and then she can Flawless duet cast again to send a second blade to another destination. The blades then fly towards each other, dealing magical damage and stunning enemies hit by the crossfire. Also marked Flawless duet Champions and big monsters for a few seconds.


Irelia unleashes the full power of her blades in a straight line. If A blade length ahead hits an opposing champion, the blades fan outwards, causing damage, marking opposing champions and large monsters, and creating a barrier that remains in place for a few seconds. This razor wall does magical damage and significantly slows enemies moving through the wall. They are also disarmed for a few seconds and cannot use normal attacks.

In contrast to the old "Irelia", her Ultimate has become much more useful for team fights. Her Q now even offers her more mobility than before, as the cooldown time is no longer only reset for kills. It will be exciting to see how the League of Legends pros respond to the renewal. Maybe we'll see her again in top lane in the LCS soon.

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