League of Legends - Update 8.9 German patch notes

League of Legends

The newest League of Legends Patch 8.9 brings some serious changes to the game balance, especially the mages in middle lane, Baron and Rift Herald, as well as classics like Doran's Ring or Tear of the Goddess.

League of Legends - Mage Changes

According to the Riot Team, mages have too much mana problems at the beginning of the game, after the first purchase and the acquisition of items such as Tear of the Goddess or Lost Chapter, they have practically no more mana problems in the game.

Doran's ring Mana regeneration is no longer linked to killing vassals, but delivers 5 mana every 5 seconds. In addition, the ring also grants +5 bonus damage against vassals. This should make the load-hitting easier and there should be enough mana to throw more spells around the opponent's ears.

Lost chapter gives 40 skill strength instead of 25, but it now costs 1300, 200 gold more than before.

The tear of the Goddess will cost 850 gold in the future and only refund 10% instead of 15% mana. The passive voice also changes:

WATER TO WINE - When the Passive of the Goddess Tear is triggered and your max mana is increased, the tear will keep the current percentage of your mana instead of counting the full increase in max mana against your current mana. This change also applies to Manamune and the Archangel's Staff.

In addition to other item changes, mages also receive a little more damage against towers, so that their disadvantages against non-mage midlaners such as Zed should be compensated. At the moment it is relatively safe to leave a mage alone at the tower for 30-60 seconds, as he simply cannot cause the same damage.

Champion changes

When it comes to champion changes, the most important thing is Know on, with him his W-electric wave will scale more strongly with attack strength and ability strength.

At the end of his E he gets 30%-70% increased attack speed.


Lux does too much damage with her E and can land it too easily. To make her other abilities more meaningful, Riot has to weaken her E with a smaller radius and slower bullet speed.

Baron Nashor

So that teams without a tank can kill him, the League of Legends team changes the Baron damage so that it is more distributed across the whole team. Together with increased hitpoints on Nashor, this change makes it easier for teams that are slightly behind to fight for the Baron.

Summoned Herald of the Rift

When charging, he does less damage to himself. Instead, the Herald takes more damage from hits on the eye, 40% instead of 20% of maximum life. So it is all the more important that the teams use it sensibly and protect it. Its damage to towers has been changed slightly to do 40% of current health or 1500 damage, whichever is higher.

The detailed patch notes can be found on the League of Legends homepage.

Patch 8.9 also brings the Beemo announced yesterday or Kleine Biene Teemo Skin.

League of Legends Beemo

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