League of Legends - World Cup Day 5 Fnatic with the sensation

League of Legends Fnatic vs GAM

It's getting to be everything for the teams in the second week of the League of Legends World Cup decides which teams from the groups will advance.

A game day is dedicated to each group, on which the 4 teams have to compete against all 3 others. If there is a tie after the end of the matches, the corresponding tie breaker games will be played directly.

After a week's break, started today Group B in the decision. The Korean favorites team Longshzu Gaming only faltered briefly once in the game against them Gigabyte Marines from Vietnam. For almost 40 minutes, the Vietnamese team kept up with their typical aggressiveness against the superior Korean team. Only then was Longzhu able to prevail with some team fights and secure victory.

Longzhu Gaming after victories over Fnatic and Immortals ended the day unchallenged as group first 6:0.

League of Legends - NA and EU switch roles after the first week

The games of the European and North American teams in the second week were almost typical. In last year's World Cup, NA didn't win a single win in 10 games in week 2, while the EU representatives made up for their poor performance in the first week.

So lost NA Immortals their 3 games and EU Fnatic was able to force a tiebreaker for 2nd place with 2-1 wins. Immortals still had it in their own hands in the last regular game of the day against Longzhu Gaming and with a win they would have secured 2nd place in the group and advance.

The first tiebreaker The match between Fnatic and Immortals brought us the return of Malzahar in the middle, which Fnatic Caps secured. Unfortunately, the NA curse struck again and Immortals lost relatively clearly. Their splitpush tactic just didn't work, as Fnatic was unstoppable with Cho'Gath as a huge tank and Janna as support.

So everything turned out to be the meeting Fnatic against GIGABYTE Marines out in the 2nd tiebreaker. Both teams were nervous and at 35 minutes the inhibitors were open on both sides. Gigabyte Marines then narrowly lost a few team fights, but managed to secure Elder Dragon. However, lost the following fight too clearly and Fnatic was unstoppable. Fnatic is the first team to qualify for the next round after falling 3-0 down in the first week.

League of Legends Group B

Longzhu Gaming and Fnatic are in the quarter-finals and are now waiting for their opponents. Tomorrow, Friday, is Group C, with the European team G2 esports.

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