Minecraft - A realistic glass block inspires players


Minecraft - A realistic glass block inspires players


There are many Minecraft texture packs that instantly transform Mojang's humble blocks into their realistic counterparts, but one material that has been more than a challenge for modders and builders is the delicate nature of glass.

In a video posted on Reddit, user Debatrax shows a glass block in Minecraft with both Misa's Realistic Texture Pack and BSL shaders installed, and the result is pretty impressive.

With the glass texture packs I've installed in the past, the glass either looks too murky or sometimes too clear, making it appear almost invisible. Misa's texture pack provides a great balance between crystal clear glass and the fact that you can still tell something is there. The way the edges of the glass reflect the light so you can see the outline is pretty amazing too.

As many have pointed out in this thread, the only thing missing is the light refraction, which, as you can imagine, is incredibly difficult to recreate in Minecraft. That said, it still looks incredibly cool. I'd love to download the texture pack and shader to see for myself, but I don't want my computer to blow up.

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The best Minecraft texture packs


Minecraft texture packs, now called resource packs, are one of the fastest and most fun ways to customize your crafting experience. They're now faster and easier to install than ever before, which means you can completely transform Minecraft's chunky look into the style you like. Of course, it will always be chunky, but the new textures can range from cute and cartoony to super realistic, and there are all sorts of options in between. Want Minecraft to look like an homage to the classic Super Mario? You can do that. How about textures that make Minecraft look like a modern city? You can have that, too. After a decade of Minecraft, there's a texture pack for almost anything you can imagine.

Installing Minecraft texture packs is simple and straightforward. Just follow the short guide below and you'll be up and running in no time. However, if you find a texture pack that doesn't work properly, you may need to reset your Minecraft version to an older version. You can do that now from the default Minecraft launcher under the Installations tab.

Most of the texture and resource packs on this list are made for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which is the version that is played through the Minecraft Launcher. The newer Bedrock edition of Minecraft has its own textures that are available in the Minecraft catalog. Some of these packages actually have Bedrock versions now, which we have marked for you where applicable, in case that is the version you are playing.


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