My Tamagotchi Forever - return of the classic

My Tamagotchi Forever

One of the greatest mass phenomena is returning: My Tamagotchi Forever. Almost 20 years ago, virtual pets could be found practically everywhere. Some fans ran around with several of the typical eggs and reacted to every beep of their protégés.

If the care went wrong, the grief was great, so great that there were even virtual cemeteries for the little favorite creature.

My Tamagotchi Forever - Free Mobile Game

Bandai Namco is now bringing the Tamagotchis back in a contemporary guise in the form of a mobile game:

It's been 20 years since the West fell under the spell of the Tamagotchi for the first time. Now the phenomenon has reached a new generation of loving fans with the first free-to-play mobile game!

 The time has come in 2018 and the well-known principle will be expanded to include a number of new activities.

So there is supposed to be a whole city full of Tamagotchis who Tamatown is called. Your companions live there and can, among other things, be adapted. In addition, mini games and photo functions are planned so that you can share the best moments with friends.

Modern smartphones naturally offer completely different functions than in the past. In the first video you can see a function where you can take photos of you and your pupil.

Since it will take some time to be released, it is even possible to serve as a model for one of the Tamagotchis. With a Competition on the official website, a fan gets the chance to land in the game.

Get your own Tamagotchi character!

Register on the website to take part in the competition. With luck, you will become the inspiration for a brand new Tamagotchi character to be added to the game!
The winner will be chosen at random. And it could be you!

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