New games on Steam in September

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New games on Steam in September


On an average day, about a dozen new games are released on Steam. And while we think that's a good thing, it can understandably be hard to keep track. Potentially exciting gems are sure to get lost in the flood of new games if you don't sift through every single game released on Steam. And that's exactly what we've done. If nothing jumps out at you this week, we've rounded up the best PC games you can play now, as well as a list of 2021 games launching this year.


Rogue Spirit


Steam page
Release: September 2
Developer: Kids With Sticks
Starting price: $18 | £14.39 | AU$26.05

A colorful roguelite in a 3D fantasy world, with third-person combat and some "light stealth" elements. You'll play as the prince of the kingdom of Midra, and one of the game's main innovations is that he'll be able to absorb his enemies' weapons and abilities. Combined with the "dozens of essences and skills" available, that means there's probably quite a variety of play styles and approaches here. Yes, it's another Roguelite, but it's rare that the genre dips its toes into full 3D design. Rogue Spirit is in Early Access and will likely stay there for about 7 months while the studio puts the finishing touches on the game and adds new content.


The great hoax


Steam page
Publication: August 31
Developer: Mighty Yell
Start price: $15 | £11 | AU$21.50

Nostalgia for the 1990s is in full swing right now, and The Big Con is not subtle in its mission to channel some of the most obvious features of the era. The film follows the exploits of a teenage crook as he travels the United States trying to raise money to save his family's video store. Along the way, you have the choice of scamming or helping people, and yes, expect shopping malls, pay phones, and probably a lot of other clever references to the consumer orgy of the '90s. It's a narrative point-and-click adventure that will probably appeal to anyone who wishes CD singles had never disappeared.


Kitaria Fables


Steam page
Release: September 2
Developer: Twin Hearts
Starting price: $16 | £13.59 | AU$23.16

Here's another game after Stardew Valley that mixes tedious manual labor with high stakes and violent adventures. So yes: there's farming, sword and bow fights, crafts and lots of Nintendo whimsy. Set in Kitaria, you take on the role of a cat who must not only take care of the Earth, but also help her neighbors face a "rising tide of darkness." The game supports local cooperative play, but you can use Steam Remote Play to play online. Looks like it's worth checking out if you've put hundreds of hours into Stardew and fancy a change of pace.




Steam page
Release: September 2
Developer: Gamious
Starting price: $20 | £16 | AU$28.95

Set in the 1980s, this narrative adventure game centers on Meredith, who has returned to her hometown to fill in for her father as a mail carrier. It's a break from her seemingly stressful "big city" career, which seems odd from a 2021 perspective, since delivering mail in the Amazon era doesn't look chilling at all. But be that as it may, Lake's focus is on the small details: getting to know the residents of Providence Oaks, enjoying the atmosphere, and watching a subtle story about a small town unfold.


Swallow the sea


Steam page
Release: September 4
Developer: Maceo bob Mair, Nicolás Delgado
Free of charge

This 15-minute sidescrolling action game is about a "lowly egg" that must dodge fearsome humanoid fish on its mission to one day hatch. The egg cell must not only avoid these extremely ugly fish, but also absorb energy from lesser life forces in order to grow. It's free, it's weird, and you can play it in one sitting.

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