Overwatch fan card caught the attention of Jeff Kaplan


An enthusiastic one Overwatch Fan and 3D artist caught the attention of Jeff Kaplan with his self-created Overwatch card.

Overwatch - fan creation causes a stir

Joshua Llorente, the name of the designer, had built an Overwatch card in Unreal Engine 4 and was inspired by Cairo. His creation excited Reddit so much attention that even Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan noticed and commented on it.


Which translates as: "Great work. We will get in touch with you. "

As a fan and 3D artist who taught himself his skills, Llorente could hardly ask for anything better. Get a better foot in the door Blizzard, one can hardly hope for. Maybe one day we'll see more of his creations, only as Blizzard employees.

There have been similar cases in the games industry where fans caused a stir with their mods and were able to secure jobs as developers. In the design industry in particular, it is more important for many companies to see a good portfolio than diplomas from a university. Other well-known cases are, for example, Brendan Greene, the popular under his pseudonym Playerunknown Battle Royale AMA2 Mod created. He is now a game designer at Bluehole for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, so a really steep career.

Peter “Durante” Thoman also got a job in the games industry via detours. As the developer of the DSFix Mobs for the PC implementation of Dark Souls he caused a storm of enthusiasm among the fans. He now works for the publisher Xseed Games and optimizes them PC implementations, such as the highly acclaimed The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

It remains to be seen whether Joshua Llorente's dream of a position at Blizzard will come true. We added the video of his Cairo Map at the beginning of the article. On his YouTube Channel There are also other Overwatch cards that you have created yourself.

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